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Valorant – Guide To Play Agent Brimstone In Valorant



Brimstone is a Valorant agent that can dominate rounds with skills that can cover his unique mini-map.

Two of the four skills of the character, helping it to open up a small map and allowing the character to attack the air while moving, and it can then quickly support the team to advance or to prevent the enemy team.

With smokes, he is able to shoot 3 balls from above, making it impossible for anyone to see through and this agent is extremely flexible with useful abilities in both attack and defense.

Brimstone ’s Stim Beacon skill (100 credits)


Equip and throw an extremely special effect skill and it’s called RapidFire, in which it will give you and your allies:

  • Increases rate of fire by 10%.
  • Reload is 10% faster
  • Switch weapons 10% faster
  • Recovery + 10%

Incendiary skill (200 credits)

Armed with a grenade launcher with high firing efficiency, and when finished firing, it left flames damaging to anyone passing or standing in it.

Brimstone ’s Sky Smoke skill (100 credits)


Opening a tactical map allows Brimstone to fire up to three smoke grenades from the sky. Smoke grenades are very dim and difficult to see through.

The tactical map will only be displayed in large part. And you can move and you can call airstrikes on the go.

Orbital Strike skill

Opens a tactical map, allowing him to fire a large laser airstrike after a short wait.

The explosion lasts for a few seconds and deals massive damage over time to all enemies in it. And if near the center of the circle will deal more damage.

Good tips and tricks for this AGENTS

  • Brimstone‘s Sky Smoke ability is one of the most versatile in the game. You can use it to block enemy sniping, the weak point is that you are attacking other people on the map, use it to help your team charge, and many more.

However, the potential power of real ability lies in working with your team. When possible, be sure to let your teammates know when and where you plan to use the skills or be ready to support situations when they ask.

  • As for the next skill, with RapidFire, you can often use it as a tool to block the path when the enemy is advancing by placing it in the path.
  • It will force your opponent to think before moving on and that can give your team some time to get in the way. If they decide to go ahead, you will have the advantage and can hold many enemies according to your position.

Although it can certainly be used in other situations, Striital Strikes is one of the best masterpieces to play.