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Valorant – Guide To Play Agent Cypher In Valorant



Cypher is a Valorant character that uses a variety of spying tools to gather intelligence for his team and capture enemies.

None of his skills deals damage, but they compensate with the amount of pure utility it has.

Many of his gadgets can be withdrawn and placed elsewhere to add to the appeal of the game.

He is one of the prominent Valorant agents who keep a site on their own or helps protect multiple sites at once.

Cypher’s Trapwire skill (200 credits)


Place a set of cables and you’ll know which enemies they pass by.

After passing, the enemy can destroy this device – otherwise, they will be stunned.

Tripwire remained invisible until the enemy stood very close to it. At that time, it will reveal itself through sight and sound.

In addition, Cypher can reset his traps elsewhere, as long as he remembers their position and can place them again in a match.

Cypher ’s Cyber Cage skill (100 credits)

Place an invisible trap on the ground that Cypher can choose to activate from anywhere as long as he looks towards it (even if it works through walls).

Once activated, it creates a ring of smoke and slows enemies through it. Passing enemies also make a remarkable sound.

Just like the smoke skills of the other characters in the game, it is very useful to stop the enemy or help your team attack.

Spycam skill


Throw out an invisible spycam that you can turn to POV’s to see the area.

The camera will remain invisible until turned on, so your enemies will be able to see and hear it when you look through it.

It has a dart that will reveal enemies until stopped (like Lesion’s trap from Rainbow Six Siege).

Darts reveal enemies in a split second, so keep in mind that you’ll have to make some predictions about their movements.

Cypher ’s Neural Theft skill

Cypher throws something on the corpse of a recently deceased foe to give a brief revelation about where all the remaining enemies are.

It is not the most powerful skill, but it can give you enough information to capture one round.

Tips and tricks for this AGENTS

  • Your camera can be used like Sova’s Owl, to help your team scout an area before attacking or to lure the eyes of peepers so your teammates can shoot them while they are distracted.
  • Preparation time is everything for Cypher. Know what you want to do ahead of time on buying your weapon for one round and then quickly go to set up your traps.
  • Information is everything, so be sure to connect with your team about where to set up your camera and traps.
  • This will give your team a general understanding of which areas are protected and which areas may be blind spots that are vulnerable to attack.
  • Use your smoke trap to block sniping or protect your boomer.