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Valorant – Guide To Play Agent Reyna In Valorant

Valorant - Guide To Play Agent Reyna In Valorant

Valorant - Guide To Play Agent Reyna In Valorant

Reyna is the first Valorant to be added to the list since the game’s official launch.

She is a vampire who can heal wounds, increase buffs, and even turn invisible when killing enemies (excluding support).

Her playstyle is very hearty or famine because she only has one skill without having to use kills to activate it.

If she doesn’t have a lot of kills all the time, she won’t be able to contribute much to her team compared to other agents.

However, when she has killed, she has more motivation than any other champion to be able to win one round alone.

Reyna’s Leer skill

Valorant - Guide To Play Agent Reyna In Valorant

Most of Reyna‘s abilities focus on empowering herself, however, one ability that can support her team is Leer, an extremely powerful and flexible skill.

Leer equips and shoots a purple eye that is nearsighted to all enemies who see it.

Eyes can be destroyed by firing a few shots. There are stronger guns that only need one shot.

Similar to Paranoia, Leer can also be shot through a wall so be sure to take advantage of that.

Overall, this is a great tool to assist because your teammates are not affected. Just imagine how good Phoenix’s flashbang would be if he didn’t have to worry about blurring his teammates.

Devour skill

Devour is one of the two abilities to use Soul Orb, meaning it cannot be used until Reyna‘s death.

Soul Orb: After defeating an enemy will drop a soul that exists for 3 seconds. She will collect it to use for her Q and E skills.

Using Devour will consume a collected Soul, healing her for a short time. The amount of HP recovered if exceeding 100 will decrease after a period of time. If you’re using the ultimate – Empress, the ability will automatically turn on without consuming any Soul.

Overall, Devour helps Reyna remain a health threat as long as she defeats the enemy. After being hit by the game, she can rest for a few seconds to recover her HP and then rejoin the battle.

Reyna ’s Dismiss skill

Valorant - Guide To Play Agent Reyna In Valorant

Another skill that requires Soul Orbs is to Dismiss.

Consumption of a Soul gathered helps to put Reyna in a state unable to attack in a short time. This status makes you unable to be harmed. In return, you cannot fire or use the abilities while activating Dismiss.

You can cancel this status at any time by pressing the skill button again.

If the ultimate – Empress is activated, she will enter Invisibility mode.

Ultimate: Empress

Ultimate: Empress helps her increase her fire rate, reload speed, and conversion speed between guns and skills.

Basically, it’s a skill that allows her to fully HAM – when used properly, she can take down many enemies on her own.

During the activation, Empress gave her the ability to sketch enemies similar to the way Viper did when he was in Viper Ultimate. This makes hunting enemies easier because you can see them better from afar and behind the corners.

Reyna ‘s play in Valorant

As a Valorant Agent possessing a set of skills to increase personal attack power, she should be the player in the wing position (go solo), disturbing the enemy team extremely effectively.

When using Leer, remember to contact and coordinate with your team to get the most value from it. Compared to other initial possibilities like Breach’s Fault Line, it can be an even more effective interaction tool because it doesn’t negatively affect your allies.

You can make enemy life more difficult by throwing Leer into the air or away from you when you peek. This will force them to divide their eyes and increase the distance between trying to destroy the orb, giving you more time.

The big decision that Reyna players constantly make is whether to use Devour or Dismiss. A good rule of thumb is based on the time you have. If you win a battle and have time to defend and reset, choose Devour so you can fully recover and return to action. But if it’s a messy battle with the enemy still, it’s probably better to use Dismiss so you can reposition.