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Heroes of the Storm: Alarak Talent Build Guide


Alarak is a melee assassin who controls the battlefield by controlling the position of the enemy. He can sacrifice raw damage to increase utility through Sadism, allowing him to deal with a different challenge. Telekinesis allows him to push himself and enemies in any direction, while Discord Strike can render them completely powerless afterward. You should play him together with the tank and the assassin. He excels at moving enemies into dangerous positions, making it easy for his teammates to follow, guarantee kills. The reliable landing of Discord Strike and Telekinesis can be difficult and requires practice.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Alarak


  • Regularly silent enemies can be silenced by using the Discord Strike Icon Discord Strike
  • Can reposition the enemy or yourself with Telekinesis Icon Telekinesis
  • Great potential for setting up takedown requests
  • Strong burst damage
  • Very high skill ceiling


  • Poor waveclear
  • Difficult to master
  • The Mercenary Camps can’t be soloed effectively
  • Discord Strike’s lag and shape can make it a relatively difficult skill

Talent Build of Alarak

Standard Build

The Standard Build will allow Alarak to use Telekinesis more often, by Ruthless Momentum. Show of Force continuously increases your damage, facilitating destroying targets that have already moved. It will also gradually empower your Sadism, turning him into a real threat. Counter-Strike is a good survivability option for him, however, Deadly Charge could be a good choice for a kill guarantee. Having other Heroic abilities at the age of 20 would always be a good choice, but Hasty Bargain can be excellent at teamfights if you’re comfortable with it.

Overwhelming Power Build


The overwhelming power strengthens basic attacks and encourages him to always unleash basic attacks after a combo. At Level 7, the Obstructed Movement is the Standard Talent, as it will allow you to continuously attack the target, gaining value from your Level 1 and 16 Talent.

However, if you already have a reasonable way of reducing the movement of your enemies in your team, as Jaina or Fenix ​​provides, we recommend using Dissonance. Lethal Onslaught at Level 16 is great if you have a sufficient number of Sadism stacks because it will give more damage and heal more from your basic attacks, making it easy to maintain a lead position head over. Mocking Strikes, however, will be a spike in power in teamfights, as it will provide more combos and crowd control for your team.

Synergies and Counters


Synergizes with:

Alarak has a formidable waveclear, but excels at moving enemies while at the same time silencing them. Consequently, Assassins with good decent waveclear and good damage following his combo are great for him, such as Jaina or Raynor. et cetera. and Garrosh is pretty good with him too, as their movement and crowd control is great for tracking his combo or for setting it up.

Countered by:

He is countered crowd control. Johanna and E.T.C. is a threat, as their stuns will not allow the use of Counter-Strike Counter-Strike Icons or Telekinesis Icon Telekinesis, making him an easy killer. Medivh is also a nuisance, as the Force of his symbol of the Will Force of his will can be protected from a strike. Great for killing you. Deathwing was able to bypass Alarak, as he was constantly unstoppable and would not be teleported or silent.