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Alchemy Garden Guide – Things You Should Know Before Started

Alchemy Garden

We’ve all been browsing through an NPC or two to stock up on health potions for the adventure ahead. Well, in Alchemy Garden, you’ll play as the person behind the counter. Build your alchemy shop from scratch, harvest local plants and herbs, grow a few of your own, and get to know the local townsfolk.

Make Extra Potions

Alchemy Garden 3

This Alchemy Garden guide warns you not to open a shop without a fully stocked display counter with at least three potions. Ideally, you should reserve more. This is not only so you can constantly rotate the things on display and keep the store open for as long as possible.

As customers browse through, some may browse through your displayed products and not find what they need. These people will approach you and ask for something more specific. If you don’t have those potions, you have to reject them, and this negatively affects your store’s customer satisfaction score.

Visit The Cave – Alchemy Garden

Just across the river from your shop, you’ll see a small cave covered in darkness. Clusters of ore will appear there all the time, and these minerals can be used in potions just like plants.

Various ores break down into Salt, Sulfur, and Mercury the same way plants do, making cave mining an easy way to stock up on medicinal ingredients. Be aware that mining takes quite a bit of energy, so consider investing in Mining skills to reduce the amount of energy required for this quest.

New Potion Combinations

Alchemy Garden 2

While all the plants and minerals in Alchemy Garden you find can boil down to three basic ingredients – Salt, Sulfur, and Mercury – the order in which you combine these ingredients completely changes the final product. There are dozens of different potions to explore with these combinations, so it’s good to experiment. Many potions will sell for much more than your base Healing Potion.

However, keep in mind that as a “newbie”, some of the more advanced potions have the potential to be faulty. If that happens, your document is already used up and you have to start over. Investing skill points in the Potion Researcher skill improves your chances of a successful brew every time.

Buy Daily Seeds – Alchemy Garden

While there are many different types of plants you can find in the world, not all of them can be found on any given day. To increase your chances of accessing the full range of plants or filling out your botanica journal, check out the seed trader in town.

Every day they have a new daily selection of seeds, some of which you may never find in the wild – perfect for growing in your home garden.

Buy A Workbench

Alchemy Garden

You cannot become a master alchemist without the right tools. Like any farming game, while you may be given a starter kit, in Alchemy Garden you’ll find that your tools degrade quickly. Especially when cutting trees or mining ore.

You can buy workbenches from the merchant in town, which will allow you to craft brand-new tools of varying qualities. If you’re tight on coins or resources to craft tools, you can also buy tools directly from one of the merchants in town.

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