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Heroes of the Storm: Alexstrasza Talent Build Guide


Alexstrasza is a Healer that offers crude healing powers but has no hard crowd control. She is especially effective if protected by a solid frontline, as she doesn’t have any real escape mechanisms.

During the team’s critical battles, she uses Dragonqueen to improve her abilities.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Alexstrasza



  • Good waveclear
  • High healing output
  • Relatively low energy consumption compared to other Healers
  • Dragonqueen brings a great advantage in teamfights


  • Limited self-healing
  • Lack of crowd control
  • Incredible portability
  • Weak without Dragonqueen Icon Dragonqueen

Talent Build of Alexstrasza

Gift of Life Build

His Gift of Life build provides high sustained regeneration to a target regardless of combat or not, but it only appears online after unlocking Lifeblossom at level 7, a Talent for allows her to use the Gift of Life without having to worry about its Medical expenses very much.

Abundance Build

He Abundance Build focuses on the effect regeneration area and synergies with Heroes who benefit from a reborn Orb (such as Diablo with the Devil’s Icon at Level 1) thanks to the Life Circle at Level 1.

Due to the focus on Mission-based Talent, this Build is available online only in the middle of the game and should not be played when your team has a weak top of the game.

When you’re focusing all your Talents on Abundance, this Build is susceptible to crowd damage and control by the enemy.

Flame Buffet Build

He Flame Buffet Build provides well-sustained regeneration to each target during combat and self-sustaining, but it only appears online after unlocking Fire Within at Level 7, a Talent that increases the ability. survived and allowed her to use the Gift of Life without having to worry about its Health consuming a lot.

When you reach the end of the game, the Ancient Flame at Level 20 powers Dragonqueen, allowing you to win single-handedly in teamfights if the opposing team doesn’t play around it by retreating.

Synergies and Counters


Synergizes with:

Alexstrasza has a relationship with Heroes with high max Health (such as Diablo) because of its abundant baseline, Life-Binder at Level 10, and Life Unbound at Level 13 that provide Percent Healing.

Since she lacks crowd control, she should be played alongside some Heroes that can provide that (such as Kael’thas thanks to Gravity Lapse), in addition to the same effects provided by Your team’s main tank.

Countered by:

He fights against Falling Heroes with reduced healing effects (such as Deckard Cain with Emerald at Level 7).

She is affected by skills and/or explosive damage (eg Kael’thas’s Flamestrike).

Heroes can stick to Alexstrasza and interrupt Dragonqueen and/or the Purge Flame can put serious pressure on her (such as Yrel).

Dragonqueen can be countered by rendering he inaccessible (eg Anub’arak’s Cocoon) or by forcing disassembly (like Falstad’s Mighty Gust).

Maps of Alexstrasza

He loves a Map with Static Targets with a long cooldown, a single location, and a moderate amount of duration (especially the Temple in Hell) as Dragonqueen can unleash its full potential for a team battle, if won, will directly lead to the defeat of a Fort or even a Keep.

The Worst Maps for Alexstrasza are those that have a good early-game recovery that is critically important (especially Braxis Holdout, but any other 2 Lane Map as well).