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Alien: Isolation Guide – Tips To Survive The Campaign

Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation is one of the best Alien movie games for Windows and consoles. That game is based on Amanda Ripley, who goes to the Sevastopol space station to find out what happened to her long-lost mother, Ellen Ripley. Ripley goes to Sevastopol to retrieve the flight recorder from Ellen Ripley’s lost Nostromo ship. Little does Amanda, however, know that a deadly alien, if not a Xenomorph, is raging in Sevastopol. Here are some tips for surviving the impending disaster.

Access Terminals

There are many access terminals and rewind systems throughout the Sevastopol station. However, aliens can and will attack you even if you are using the Access Terminal or the Rewind System. Alien: Isolation is not paused while you are reading Access Terminals.

Alien: Isolation

So don’t use the Access Terminal or the Rewind System when you know aliens are very close. Instead, find a suitable hiding place and wait for the Xenomorph to move before using the terminal or the Rewind System. Note that the archive log you can select from the map screen also saves the log for the Access Terminals you use. You can quickly use a terminal and then view its log from the map screen, which will pause the game when an alien is in pursuit.

Crafting Materials – Alien: Isolation

You’ll need to craft most Alien: Isolation items from materials scattered across Sevastopol. Supplies of ingredients are easy to find, but sometimes you can get overwhelmed. You can only pack a certain amount of materials in your inventory. When your inventory space for material is full, you won’t be able to collect any more of that material.

Whenever you have the maximum amount of materials, try to make more space for crafting ingredients in your inventory. To do so, you will need to use up crafting materials for the items that need it. Open your inventory menu to see if there are any item crafting slots available for materials you have fully stocked. 

If so, select the red material boxes to use up all the ingredients. Doing so will free up some space for the material so you can pick it up again. Just make sure you test your craftable items reasonably often to make sure you’ve delivered all possible materials to them.

The Flamethrower – Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation

The flamethrower is a weapon you can use against the Xenomorph when it detects you. So most players will probably save that weapon’s fuel for that purpose. However, there are only a few points in the game where the Flamethrower is essential to dealing with aliens.

It’s also worth using the Flamethrower against human enemies. Flamethrower is lethal to human hostility. A rapidly spreading fire will set the most heavily armed security personnel ablaze. Just quietly climb on armed men to get them within range of your Flamethrower, and then let them have it!

EMP Mines

In Alien: Isolation, The Joes at work are Seegson’s cyborgs that are supposed to be useful synthesizers for the population of Sevastopol. However, Ripley soon discovers they are actually killer robots whenever people try to enter restricted areas on Sevastopol.

Alien: Isolation

WJs are very difficult to take out with your wrench at close range because they have extremely fast reflexes. So you will lose quite a bit of health trying to take down these robots with just a wrench.

Using your wrench against stunned Working Joes is the best way to get rid of them. Toss the EMP mine towards the WJ when it is coming towards you. The android will then be temporarily stunned long enough for you to hit it hard with a wrench without losing any health. You can also stun WJ with Flashbang, but those are not as effective as EMP Mines.