August 4, 2021


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Among Us: Half a Billion People Played Last Month

Among Us

It may not be the biggest or most complex game out there, but, after counting monthly players, Among Us is officially the most popular game ever. The other day, Superdata reported that not only has the tiny indie game taken the world by storm, it may have consumed it. 

In the month of November, over half a billion people played Among Us, and that was just on mobile phones and PCs. 

Among Us

Over half a billion players in November

Now, before you start imagining the InnerSloth developer roll in a literal mountain of cash, it’s significant to mention that the game does not generate the same volume of revenue as other massive games, such as Fortnite, do. 

The game is not heavily monetized, as Superdata states in their report, so it’s not exactly pulling a ton out of microtransactions.That, and there is a price-tag only in the PC version, excluding the recent Nintendo Switch version, which was not available in November. 

None of it really means that InnerSloth didn’t make a monstrous amount of cash out of Among Us, but that’s why, even after clearing such an incredible milestone, you don’t see the game as one of November’s highest grossing games.

Outside of Among Us, the report had other news to share that captivated half a billion people. Call of Duty: In November, Black Ops Cold War sold 5.7 million units, putting it above its previous franchise record holder, Black Ops 4. To say that in fewer words:

Activision continues to print cash for Call of Duty. Ubisoft had a solid November as well. 1.7 million units were sold by Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, a full 50 percent more than Odyssey did at launch. 

However, Valhalla did not make as much in-game revenue; a difference Superdata attributed to the absence of a booster of paid experience in Valhalla (it has one now).

In the meantime, it’ll be interesting to see how much more “Among Us” is going to climb, now that it’s out on the Nintendo Switch and coming to the Xbox Game Pass.

You can read the full report of Superdata here on their website.