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Granblue Fantasy Versus: An Adventurers Guide to Gran


Granblue Fantasy Versus is set to have a long and healthy lifespan in both competitive and casual scenes. However, for a player new to the genre, or a fighting game veteran looking for a character for this new and exciting title, there can be some tough decisions. about who to stick with. While it’s important to try everyone in the cast, it’s worth learning a particular character. To both master the mechanics of the game and to master certain characters. There is no better character to devote himself to than the boy in the poster himself, Gran.

Understanding Archetype of Gran


He is what veterans in fighting games call a “shoto” character. Shoto refers to the karate martial arts Shotokan practiced by famous fighting game characters Ryu and Ken in the Street Fighter series. Shotos is characterized by four main gameplay elements: has a powerful fireball, special has an invincible top lane, possesses a special progressive storm kick, and is an almighty character.

Gran fits in with all of these elements making him a very versatile character to choose from. He is a great choice for players new to the genre as he has the tools to teach new players how the fighting game works while being a very strong character.

Gran’s Strengths

The first aspect of his arsenal that makes him powerful is his powerful special move Override Surge. His “stormy kick” is one of his defining tools and what makes his play stifling. At first glance, this move seems like a combined ending for Gran. It is negative when blocking and can be punished by an opponent quickly.

On closer inspection, however, this move has many properties that make it incredibly powerful and one of his most powerful tools. The first is that it allows his combo to carry corners very effectively, or the ability to move to the end of the Stage’s length. Locking enemies in corners is his specialty, and his Override Surge allows him to squeeze opponents into corners much easier.

This is also a strong long-distance threat to the competition. Because it allows him to quickly go face-to-face with his opponent and when set the correct distance, it is safe in the block. Gives him an easy and oppressive neutral tool to initiate his offense.

Understanding the Weaknesses of Gran


With all his strength, it would be difficult for the player to find any detail in his armor. Even with all of his power tools, he is not without its fault. Therefore, understanding the character’s position is an important lesson to learn to truly master Gran.

Even considering his fireball, he is a stout celebrity. His normal attacks are simply incomparable to other characters in the game, such as Ferry, Metera, and Percival. This made the act of joining him at times a difficult process.

Good players will learn to dodge your Override Surge and punish you for this effort. Or simply keep you from their superior attacks and prevent you from invading them. So an intelligent player will develop strategies and tactics to mitigate this reality and assert their will against these troublesome characters.

Even thinking of his short-range buttons, Gran remains a phenomenal character, and one that both longtime and novice players will find very enjoyable to play with and get to know the game.