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Heroes of the Storm: Ana Talent Build Guide


Ana is an excellent Healer in controlling the course of the battle from a safe distance. She is especially effective if protected by a solid frontline, as she doesn’t have any real escape mechanisms. Therefore, knowing how to locate her in teamfights is very important when avoiding danger, but also when healing allied targets from the right angles.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Ana



  • Relatively low Mana consumption
  • Against other healers
  • Team up with Mages
  • Provide crowd control


  • Weak against dive
  • Struggles to heal Allied Heroes are highly mobile

Talent Build of Ana

Sleep Dart Build

Her Sleep Darts build is designed to compensate for the Slowdown caused by the Look-Down effect present in Shrike by giving Ana some Movement Speed ​​and by Slowing the enemy Heroes. use Night Terrors and Slumber Shells respectively; furthermore, the old Talent added explosive damage in the form of Percent Damage.

Biotic Grenade Build

Her Biotic Grenade Build is all about healing allied Heroes and yourself, with Contact Healing increasing her survivability and Anti-Healer making it better and easier to use.

Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

Nano Boost possesses superior synergy with Mages (such as Mephisto) or in general the Heroes that deal most of the damage with Skill rather than Basic Attack.

Even if they can be used separately, Sleep Dart and Biotic Grenade benefit from Allied Heroes who can provide reliable crowd control with their Basic Skills. (like ETC) will make them impossible to miss.

Countered by:

Because her self-healing is limited, Ana often struggles with Heroes who can bypass her team and instead rush into hitting her (such as Chen with Storm, Earth, Fire ).

Skills that can isolate an enemy Hero (like Anub’arak’s Cocoon) or detach (like Falstad’s Mighty Gust) can be used against Nano Boost in two different ways.

Though not as effective as the countermeasures mentioned above, poking is a good tool against her, but only if you can actually do significant damage to her from a distance. high (such as Hanzo).

No Healer can be against her, however, you may prefer to choose a Hero that provides utility instead of raw heal (like when Lucio can rely on the Sound Barrier Icon Sound Barrier to assist his team). doesn’t really heal them).

Maps of Ana


She performs better on the Map where whole team battles can’t evolve on different fronts as she has to endure a lot of flanking and diving strategies.

Tips and Tricks

  • Due to her limited survivability, Ana needs to pay special attention to her position in a team match.
  • Don’t wait too much for Nano Boost transmission as it lasts 8 seconds.
  • Keep the Biotic Grenade as much as possible as it can easily kill or save an allied Hero.

Role in the Current Meta

Ana is a primary Healer that fits a variety of teamworkings, but make sure there’s a good goal for Nano Boost to get the most out of her value, often a Mage (such as Li-Ming).

The Biotic Grenade has the power to counter most Healers and even some Heroes of different Roles (for example, Arthas with Army of the Dead).