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Small Tips To Help You Win 1v1 And Escape The Gulag Prison

Gulag Prison

Gulag Prison

Although the game has just launched with loads of new features, gamers have soon tinkered, finding a lot of interesting tips to escape the Gulag prison.

Gulag Prison

About CoD

Call of Duty: Warzone is becoming the hottest game today after opening the free beta, with graphics and particularly attractive gameplay.

Talking about the gameplay of Warzone, players after being defeated still have 2 chances to revive. If you die for the first time, you will be sent to Gulag Prison, wait until the 1v1 round, and be returned to the battlefield if you defeat the opponent. The second way is that the teammate will use the “buy back” feature, using the loot amount to activate the revival of allies.

For the first method, the chance of you winning a solo and being revived is 50%, but with a small tip, the ratio will increase significantly if you are particularly sensitive to color.

Tips To Escape The Gulag Prison

Gulag Prison

Specifically, before entering the solo floor, you will wait with the opponents in an upper corridor. Quickly grab a color spray bottle to spray on the opponent, choose the color that stands out as possible because in Gulag the space is quite dark, plus the player’s outfit is very suitable to blend into the color of the environment.

Therefore, when sprayed with paint on your body, the opponent will look more prominent than the color of the surroundings, all you need to do is focus on the sprayed color array and aim accurately.

However, this trick will reduce effectiveness if there are too many enemies standing in the waiting corridor. The best thing you can do is spray paint on as many enemies as possible, hoping one of them will meet you on the floor.

Anyway, this is just an auxiliary tip, fighting in Gulag prison is often a lot of surprises, so if you are a novice, this method will not help you too much.