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How To Use The Power And Skill Viper In Valorant



In the Beta version of Valorant – the first-person shooter game is getting a lot of attention, especially how to use the Viper character. With the use of the power and her skills – an agent capable of controlling the battlefield well with toxic bombs using resources, particularly fuel, you’ll master both the game and quickly win the first opponent team. What are you waiting for, or join us to refer to the tips for playing this agent in Valorant!

Toxic Screen Skill


When activating this skill, Viper emits a stream of toxic gas, forming a wall of toxic gas, which limits the opponent’s vision. This wall is useful when she needs to pass through a wide area with a lot of risks because it will obscure the view of the enemy. Players can use this skill to distract enemies and lure them into the ally’s barrel.

Viper ’s Snakebite Skill

With this skill, this agent will fire a bullet to form a pool of acid that damages the opponent. Take advantage of this skill because it is a tool that can help you slow down enemies, forcing them to retreat or change their direction when they encounter this pool of acid.

Poison Cloud Skill


She throws a bomb that emitted a cloud of poisonous smoke that caused damage to the opponent. With a brief cooldown, you’ll be able to use this skill multiple times. This is a useful enemy staking tool, but depending on how much fuel you have, you need to use this skill properly.

Viper ‘s Ultimate Skill: Viper ‘s Pit

Viper creates a toxic cloud over a large area and this toxic smoke will exist until she leaves. It was like a smoke grenade that did not obscure her vision. This means that she still sees enemies in this smoke. This skill is very strong if combined with one of the above 3 skills. This will create a trap for her and teammates to destroy the enemy easier. Especially in narrow areas.