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8 Animal Crossing daily tasks you should do every day

Animal Crossing daily tasks

Animal Crossing daily tasks

Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Switch changes as time goes on in the real world, with each day bringing something new to you. Some things change daily, and you should make sure to interact with certain items to get Bells or special items. In this guide, we’ll show you some of the most important Animal Crossing daily tasks to do every day. Follow us to get more video game guides in the future.

Check-In At The Nook Stop

You get Nook Miles per day only when you check-in at a Nook Stop on consecutive days. The bonus increases the limit after seven days, yielding 300 Nook Miles for every day you log in after that. You can also check out what’s new for sale at the Nook Stop.

Find The Money Rock

Every day, a rock in town is likely to drop about 16,000 bells, if you hit it with a shovel fast enough.

We recommend digging two holes in the back when you are standing next to a rock. When you hit the rock, the holes in the back prevent you from bouncing away – and that means you can keep swinging instead of losing time back to the rock.

Check Your Shops – Animal Crossing daily tasks

Stores in Animal Crossing: New Horizons change their stock every day, so drop by and see what they’re offering. You don’t want to miss out on the furniture you want or a sweet hat.

Dig Up Fossils – Animal Crossing daily tasks

Each player will have about four digging marks (pictured above) that randomly appear on the island each day, indicating where the fossils are buried in the ground. You’ll have to find them in a new location each day, dig up fossils and give them to Blathers to identify them. From there, you can donate them to the museum if they’re missing from the collection, or you can sell them for a pretty high price.

Look For Messages In Bottles

A new bottle will wash ashore every day. Inside you’ll find a letter from an animal that doesn’t live in your town and a DIY Recipe, an item you need to craft specific items. Finding bottles is the best way to fill out your DIY Recipes list (although you may also find duplicate recipes).

Talk To Visitors – Animal Crossing daily tasks

Your island will eventually have random NPCs, like Gulliver or Saharah, who drop by for one reason or another.

You will have to wander around to find anyone who can stop in your town. Some of them always appear in the same spots. Gulliver, for example, would be washed away by the beach, and a merchant like Label would be in the town square.

Wherever you find them, talk to them and see what they need – or what they’re selling, which could be exclusive items.

Complete First 5 Nook Miles+ Goals

Your first set of 5 Nook Miles + quests will earn you Miles, so prioritize those Miles every day. Goals that appear after you complete the initial five will have no bonus.

Farm Out Your Resources

As the Animal Crossing daily tasks, get as much wood and Iron Nuggets from the trees and rocks as you can, as you’ll need them to create the DIY Recipe. Each tree and stone produces a finite amount of ingredients per day, and you don’t want to be in a situation where you don’t have enough ingredients to create a new item that you have a recipe for.

Make sure you’re hitting the tree with the Stone Ax so you don’t cut the tree. Also, make sure you’re banging on the rock on an empty stomach (not after eating the fruit), otherwise, the rock will break and disappear until the next day without giving you resources.