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Heroes of the Storm: Anub’arak Talent Build Guide


Anub’arak is an aggressive anti-caster tank. His strongest points are his ability to disrupt at long range and resist damage based on his strong On-Demand. Although considered a prototype Tank, his Health pool is significantly lower than other tanks. He relies on opportunism and teamwork to survive, exemplifying the adage “best defense is good to attack”.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Anub’arak



  • Excellent initiator
  • Access to Cocoon, a valuable hero ability
  • Some possibilities for long breaks


  • Fragile for a Tank
  • Limited damage output and waves
  • Skills are skills that can be avoided

Talent Build of Anub’arak

Burrow Charge Build

Nerubian Armor (lv1 – Regeneration Master, Underking (lv4), Subterranean Shield (lv7), Cocoon (lv10), Urticating Spines (lv13) – Acid Drenched Mandibles, Epicenter (lv16) – Debilitation, Rewind (lv20).

His Burrow Charge Build increases his explosive damage and survivability when joining Burrow Charge.

Survivability comes from the Underground Shield at Level 7 while the damage comes from Secret at Level 4 and Thorn hustle at Level 13.

Hardened Carapace Build

Nerubian Armor (lv1), Shed Exoskeleton (lv4), Chitinous Plating (lv7), Cocoon (lv10), Urticating Spines (lv13), Epicenter (lv16) – Decilitation, Rewind (lv20).

His Hardened Carapace Build increases his mobility and survivability in prolonged fights.

Choose this build when you need the Spell Armor from the Harden Carapace, and the Movement Speed from Shed Exoskeleton at level 4 is more frequent since Chitinous Plating at level 7 reduces its cooldown.

Scarab Host Build

Legion of Beetles (lv1), Bed of Barbs (lv4), Leeching Scarabs (lv7), Locust Swarm (lv10), Burning Beetles (lv13), Beetle, Juiced (lv16), Rewind (lv20)

Scarab Host Build of Anub’arak increases his damage and survivability in prolonged fights.

The increased damage comes from Fire Flames at Level 13 while survivability becomes Leeching Scarabs at Level 7, both powered by the Legion of Beetles at Level 1 and Beetle and Juice at Level 16.

Synergies and Counters


Synergizes with:

His aggressive crowd control-oriented skill set makes him particularly useful for any Hero who can follow the aforementioned crowd control with their own Ability combo.

Countered by:

His aggressive game plan is difficult to implement for Heroes who either have a way to avoid his skill shot or become immune to crowd control as required.

Maps of Anub’arak

His aggressive game plan works well on most Maps, as long as your teammates follow it. His extra PvE damage means someone else will have to help with many of the Map Targets that require kills.

Tips and Tricks

  • Harness Scarab’s Bugs to absorb damage from Buildings and Mercenaries, and block skill shots.
  • Use Burrow Charge to close the target, then follow up with Impale Icon Impale for more crowd control.
  • Harden Carapace should be used when Cooldown in combat due to the low Mana cost and the ability to summon beetles.
  • Use Locust Swarm with caution; It heals for a large amount but doesn’t make you invincible, especially compared to explosive damage.
  • Hold Cocoon’s Cooldown to interrupt and deny the enemy’s mighty Hero Skills.

Role in the Current Meta

The Anub’arak is a unique Tank that sacrifices raw endurance for the powerful startups required. In general, players must look for opportunities to lock isolated targets (via Impale and Burrow Charge) for their teammates to follow.

In the early game, Anub’arak is very suitable to wander and protect his teammates on the roads. Burrow Charge allows him to scout effectively with very little danger. This quest is just as important as the start in the entire game. When Hero Abilities become available, Cocoon which is the expected choice to forcefully capture and attack opponents swirling around is generally useful.