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Any chance for EVOS Esports to reach the top 4 VCS Summer 2020?

EVOS Esports

EVOS Esports

Great challenge but also a great opportunity for Zeros and the others at EVOS Esports to reach the top 4 at VCS Summer 2020.

VCS Summer 2020 tournament
VCS Summer 2020 tournament


The first leg of the VCS Summer 2020 tournament has ended and what surprised people the most is EVOS Esports going through such storms. They have lost to the top 4 VCS teams and can only beat the lower teams like Saigon Buffalo, Overpower Gaming, or Percent Esports. However, those victories are essential for EVOS Esports to regain confidence before heading to the second leg.

And in the first round of the second half of the VCS Summer 2020, EVOS Esports will face its two direct competitors, GAM Esports and Team Secret. The challenge is huge, but this is also an opportunity for EVOS Esports to rise up the rankings and be able to reach the top 4 of VCS Summer 2020.

Current rank of VCS Summer 2020 EVOS Esports
Current rank of VCS Summer 2020

With the match against GAM Esports, in terms of human, EVOS Esports is showing a loss in the mid and jungle positions when Levi and Dia1 of GAM are the No. 1 players in the VCS Summer 2020 position. Meanwhile, GAM Esports’ bot lane is a bit weaker than the rest of the squad and heavily reliant on picks and bans. In contrast, EVOS Esports has two relatively good wing lines with Zeros in good form, Divkid, and Bie in bot lane play extremely stable.


However, Kiaya in the top lane and Dia1 in the mid are both excellent single laners, if EVOS Esports cannot create a big advantage for Zeros then it is very difficult for them to push individually. Moreover, GAM Esports is very good at snowball games and breaking the efforts of the opponent so the best way for EVOS Esports to win this match is not to be too “crushed” in the early game.

Violet’s ability to pick and choose is also a strong point that needs to be promoted in the upcoming important match. GAM in this season banned from being too virtual and hacked the brain like when Tinikun or Yuna, EVOS Esports can take advantage of this to erase the difference in skill of the team. However, the chance of winning EVOS Esports in this match is not too high, so the more realistic goal with “White Tiger” is 1 game to improve the difference.

Zeros are slowly regaining its peak image EVOS Esports
Zeros are slowly regaining its peak image

The more balanced and important match for EVOS Esports‘ll be the clash with Team Secret, the winner will have a great chance of reaching the top 4 VCS Summer 2020. The focal point of the match was definitely in the top lane when Zeros’ comeback form was up against the rising star Coated. Both are pursuing the style of carrying, so the victory in this area will determine quite a lot to the final result.

Not only top lane, but Sorn’s responsibility in this match is also extremely strong in the face of him is DNK, a player who pursues an offensive playstyle, and the pressure on this guy’s shoulder is extremely large. A series of mistakes at the beginning of the season of Sorn led to consecutive failures for EVOS and being able to overcome a famous team as DNK in the next game will greatly improve psychologically for him. this guy.

If EVOS Esports set a goal to go to Worlds, then they need to accumulate every score, every game, once they meet strong teams like GAM
If EVOS set a goal to go to Worlds, then they need to accumulate every score, every game, once they meet strong teams like GAM

From a human standpoint, both EVOS Esports and Team Secret are on par, the chance for Zeros and his teammates to win is yes, what they need is tougher to wait for the opponent’s mistakes.