July 30, 2021


Game CMD 368

[Aoe] How To Play Assyrian: Bow R ‘Genuine’ Shoots Extremely Fast



The beginning of the AoE tutorial series will be the Assyrian army, one of the most popular pieces of the game. They are often known as the first people to use a wheel. Therefore, when using this type of unit, players often see them with faster movement speed than other types of units.

History of the Assyrian empire

  • Time of existence: From 1800 – 600 BC
  • Location: The Assyrian Kingdom was located in the northern part of Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq), along the Tigris River.
  • History: The Empire was raised after the fall of the Sumerian empire, and its culture and politics have some Sumerian influence.


  • Farmer’s movement speed + 30%
  • Assyrian ‘s R arc shoots 33% faster
  • Ease of life (Because farmers move faster, work more efficiently)
  • Up to life 4 can play Horse C (no god) fast shot. Also can play big cannon (crane), Balista (flap cannon) on god, Z (god BB)


  • There was no fire in the BC house.
  • 4th generation does not have strong troops like other Empires. Only suitable for life 3.
  • There is no early upgrade blood.
  • No Elephant, no Double Pedal, A

The experience of playing Assyrian is drawn from the players



  • Let 2 people go to build a BE house, the other one goes to find the fruit yard.
  • When you see the fruit immediately let 6 people move to eat the fruit.
  • People 6/8 continue to build BE, people 7 to eat fruit.
  • The 6th people after building BE let them search for a map. People 8, 9 cut wood. People 10/12 build BE.
  • Try people 14-15 to build a doctor to eat wood.
  • Focus on pressing a lot of wood and building about 3 doctors in life 1. Each doctor will arrange 4 ~ 5 people to eat wood.
  • Build 4-5 BA houses depending on the strength when born 3.
  • The normal attack, depending on what you choose

Archery (R, A):

  • Number of people needed to live: Please 26 to 28 people depending on the battle (the rich may beat fewer people and raise BA close to the opponent’s house)
  • The second generation: When you are jacking to 3, you need to upgrade to chop wood (house B, rock hammer shape)

Third generation:

  • You need to build 4, or 5 BA houses, depending on the amount of wood you have, a balance of enough wood and real
  • Armor upgrade: If encountering an opponent slashing (arrow icon)
  • Raise wood 2 to shoot far, chop more wood
  • Build more BA when there is excess wood, real.
  • Try to finish the match in life 3. Press as many chunks of R.

Fourth generation: Mainly hit Horse C Assyrian. The other types of troops of this Empire are relatively weak, the damage of life 4 is not high.

Note: In many Random Assyrian matches, if the house is bad, players can hit BL and use Camels. Slash the opponent’s head then build BA and raise the Wheel to switch R bow.