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Apex Legends: 5 Tips To Play Revenant More Effectively



The arrival of Revenant has added to the fun of Apex Legends. Here is a list of tips that can help you play this new character well.

He is the latest Legend in Apex Legends, part of the major Season 4. The update also adds major changes to the map, weapons, Legend and a new gun, and more.

Skills of Revenant


Like all other Legendes, Revenant has three different abilities – tactical Silence, passive Stalker, and ultimate Death Totem.

Silence (tactical): Throws a device that deals 10 damage and locks an enemy’s skill set for 10 seconds.

Stalker (passive): You sit faster and can climb higher than other Legend.

Death Totem (ultimate): Release a totem that will immortalize the wielders of it for a period of time. Instead of being killed or killed, the player returns to the totem.

If you think these skill sets are strong, that’s because they allow him to manipulate some of the game’s most important mechanics.

To use this character effectively and exploit his full potential, here are 5 tips for you.

Set the Death Totem properly


His Ultimate Death Totem was a big reason for this character to be chosen, and you must know how to place the Totem wisely.

Remember that when you use Death Totem, you and your teammates will teleport back to it instead of collapsing. This creates an opportunity for the opponent to counter the ultimate by placing Caustic’s Nox Gas Trap next to it, or shooting at your teammate when you come back to life.

Therefore, you need to place your ultimate in a safe, shielded position, so that the opponent cannot find it and trap you, or wait for you to revive with a small amount of health to finish. Avoid placing Totem at the door or something that can open and close, because when the door closes, the totem will be destroyed.

Note the range of the Death Totem

When activating his Death Totem, keep in mind that it only works when you are within a radius of the ultimate, marked with a light blue ring on the screen.

If you leave the ring range, your character is no longer in ‘shadow’ mode and will take damage as usual. However, sometimes it is advisable to go out of the radius of the ring, especially when you suspect the opposing team has set traps around the team’s Totem or is trying to ambush your team while reviving.

Walk while sitting as much as possible

Passive of Revenant allows the character to sit at a speed equal to normal walking. And since sitting doesn’t make footsteps in Apex Legends, it’s obviously something you want to exploit.

You can use this movement speed to follow the enemy. And in teamfights, you can combine it with back and forth to make it harder for the character to get hit.

Unless you need to rush to a certain area or escape a boating storm, you’re best off sitting and walking while using Revenant.

Trick the opponent with the movement of Revenant

Passive Stalker unlocks a host of new movement tricks – something you’ll always want to exploit when facing enemies.

Most players will not know how high the new Legend can climb or how fast you can sit, so you can use these two mechanisms to trick your opponent.

“Fool” is the main point here. So, you can run to make a noise, then quickly move to another seat to make the other person panic. You can also climb to high positions – places that other Legend can not reach – and make the opponent, not in time.

Use tactical of Revenant and weapon at the same time

Most players have yet to realize that when using tactical of Revenant, your other arm can be used for something else.

For example, you can fire a gun and use Silence at the same time, doubling the damage. Specifically, you can aim with a gun to improve Silence throwing accuracy.

One effective strategy is to use Arc Star at the same time: tossing Arc Star and Silence at the same time to both damage and completely neutralize the enemy.