July 27, 2021


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Apex Legends: Fight Night Event Jan.5

Fight Night

Next week, the Battle Royale will have a Pathfinder-themed event called “Fight Night”. The event brings with a blast a number of fresh additions to kick off 2021, along with a new collection, the heirloom set of Gibraltar and a boxing ring for a Pathfinder Town Takeover. 

There will also be a new take on limited-time modes, and it launches on Jan. 5 at 10 pm CT.

Fight Night

Boxing ring 

With Pathfinder, Respawn has big plans. We have recently seen the Forward Scout get his own episode of the Outlands Stories and now he has his own event, complete with a Town Takeover.

A boxing ring will be placed near the intersection of Docks and Power Grid at Olympus, and the only way to defeat your enemies is with your bare hands. The official blog says, ‘Entering the ring will prevent any player from using their weapons and any of their abilities.’ “No outside projectiles, grenades, or skills can penetrate the force field of the ring, and don’t worry about any outside ring interference.”

Airdrop Escalation

Fight Night brings in a new type of game and overhauls how LTMs are handled by Apex.  Airdrop Escalation is not that much of a demise from the core gameplay as other limited-time modes, which may make it a good candidate for the experiment, such as last year’s Flashpoint.

The limited-time rule set will drop an increasing number of supply drops, each with a fully-kitted weapon, from the beginning of each match. Earlier rounds will have lower-tier weapons, but red Evo Shields and care package weapons may be dropped in the later stages of the match. However, normal weaponry will still appear as ground loot.

A further experiment by Respawn is the new takeover model. The game will temporarily shift exclusively to the new game mode, instead of dividing players into two separate queues. 

Airdrop Escalation is not as much a departure from the core gameplay as other limited-time modes, which, like the Flashpoint of last year, may make it an excellent candidate for the experiment.

New collection – Fight Night

This would not be a collection event without new cosmetics, and Fight Night is bringing a bucketload of them. For Wattson, Mirage, Crypto, Revenant, Loba, Lifeline, and others, including the star of the show himself, the event-exclusive visuals include new outfits.

The new visual of Pathfinder is a reference to the cinematic short Fight Night when the MRVN masked itself to avoid detection with a trenchcoat and fedora. 

The new cosmetic could have an unique style select animation based on the trailer that has him fighting a Spectre, similar to how other visuals from the Outlands series of Stories, such as Wraith’s Voidwalker and Bloodhound’s Young Blood, come with their own animations.

Fight Night

Getting all 24 cosmetics in the collection will reward players with an unique item: the heirloom set of Gibraltar. During the season seven quest, his heirloom weapon first appeared. Gibby seems to be holding an ax-like object, called a Patu, in Family Portrait. 

The quest disclosed it was custom-made after all those years by his then-boyfriend Nik, and Gibraltar kept it.. However, players who during the event do not complete the collection can still grab the battle-ax with the elusive Heirloom Shards.

Loot Dropping – Fight Night

The end of the season seven quest saw the legends recover from Lifeline’s father an antique battery and players will be able to use it in-game. 

Some items based on the level shown on their built-in monitors will be dropped by interacting with the friendly robots. In order to get some loot, players shooting MRVNs can grab their arms and transplant them into another robot.