July 30, 2021


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Apex Legends: Guide to winning with Crypto



This hackable Legend changes the meta a lot, due to the ability to control Drone observing and EMP can harass opponents. But how should Crypto be used? Here are some helpful tips and tricks to help you become the Apex Champion.

Skills of Crypto


Crypto is classified as the Recon Legend, which means his skill set is not intended for attack or defense.

However, that does not mean the character is not strong. The character’s three sets of moves have great potential:

  • Neurolink (Passive) – this Legend and teammates can see what Surveillance Drone detects within 30 meters.
  • Surveillance Drone (Tactical) – Summons the overhead camera Drone, has 40 seconds of cooldown if destroyed.
  • Drone EMP (Ultimate): Activate EMP from your drone, dealing 50 damage to armor, slowing other players, and clearing traps.

Don’t hesitate with Crypto

When it comes to battle royale, you can basically choose one of two ways – active or passive. You can land in a hot spot, loot temporarily, and go to war immediately or slowly, get everyone to fight, and try to clear up the remaining opponents.

While Crypto is considered a strong passive character, this Legend is best for active play. Call the Drones, scout, and find a way to infiltrate the defenses. Use EMP to prevent them from escaping. Of course, while this Legend doesn’t hit back as well as Wraith, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hit from behind when the opportunity appears.

Stay in touch


Communication is the key to success, and it depends on Drones. Once the Drones are in the air, make sure to contact your teammates as much as possible.

Therefore, it is best to have a microphone available for use in the game. Whether you leave the drone stationary or constantly fly it, keep your teammates up to date.

Waiting for using the skill with teammates

Please combine the skill set of Crypto with your teammates to maximize efficiency.

The correct EMP can be a huge advantage to activate Caustic’s ultimate Gas or Bangalore’s Rolling Thunder, so communicate to select attack locations. Heading into the ultimate will backfire and give the opponent an advantage.

Drones of Crypto have the hacking skillset


When in the air and controlled by hand, these drones can be used to hack a number of things on the map, especially doors. You can use the drone to open the door from afar, giving it a big advantage.

Drones of Crypto can save teammates

One lesser-known feature from Crypto drones is that it can pick up banners of fallen teammates. This can be very important, as it can incorporate the ability to open doors to save teammates before they are dealt with.

Tracking behind, after landing on the ground

The early stages of the game can be quite stressful, as people try to land and find the best loot they can. However, instead of plugging in a neck plug, you can immediately use the drone, taking advantage of Passive to automatically alert nearby enemies in the area.

Reconnaissance in advance of the upcoming area

When the team decides to move to a new location on the map, you should scout with Drones. It lets the player know if an opponent is ambushed, and if so, you can flip the attack