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Apex Legends Horizon will receive nerfs in the upcoming update

Apex Legends Horizon

Apex Legends Horizon

Developers have told players that Apex Legends Horizon will receive a huge nerf when Season 9 drops in May.

The game developers are already looking to make some big changes on March 9 with the introduction of the Chaos Theory update.

Apex Legends Horizon was the big surprise in Chaos Theory update

Apex Legends Horizon was the biggest surprise in the update to Chaos Theory. Apex Legends players thought she’d get some major changes owing to her newfound position high on the legends tier list. But the only change that players saw was that her final cooldown was increased from two minutes to three minutes.

Pathfinder was given a buff with the removal of the Low Profile. Caustic had received a nerf with his ultimate, Nox Gas Grenade and had his cooldown increased from 2.5 minutes to 3.5 minutes. Its damage was also decreased from six to 12 health effects per tick to a flat rate of five.

The Horizon to receive more nerfs in Season 9

Leader game designer Daniel Klein took to social media to discuss with players why Apex Legends Horizon didn’t get a huge nerf in Season 8. Some fans were beginning to wonder why Horizon didn’t receive the Low Profile that Lifeline and Wattson still had. This passive trait causes legends to take 5 percent more damage due to smaller hitboxes.

“We weren’t prepared for Horizon with a big nerf, so we delivered what he had first,” said the Respawn developer. “The Huge Nerf is coming soon, hopefully S9, but no assurances.”

This has revealed that developers have some big nerfs for Apex Legends Horizon, although it’s not exactly clear what the nerf would include. Nor is it yet clear how exactly Horizon would be weakened. It’s not even known that it’s going to happen within the confines of Season 9, but players are now eagerly waiting for May 4 when Season 9 drops to see if Horizon gets the necessary changes.

Is Horizon considered good in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends Horizon‘s abilities, including her passive spacewalk, make her quite skilled in combat. She often has the upper hand because of her in air control and her reduced impact. She’s not slowed down when she lands on high platforms and turns mid-air faster than other legends. This could end up being the focus of her nerf, along with her ability to lift gravity.