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Apex Legends – How to play Gibraltar in Apex Legends



When playing Apex Legends on PC, many people think that Gibraltar is very slow and only strengthens at the end of the game. But that is not all this character has. We can still make use of his power in every round of play. How is the specification? Let’s find out through the article below

Gibraltar in Apex Legends


His skills focus on one place, though not a good choice when you need to run or move a lot, Gibraltar is very useful in case you and your teammates are surrounded.

Gun Shield – Passive of Gibraltar

Whenever he aims to aim a weapon, this skill will create a small shield on the front. The goal when using this technique is to attract the enemy, use a large Gun Shield to block bullets, and bait as teammates attack from both sides.

However, this armor does not help you immortal, so be sure to find a safe hiding place. If not, you will soon fall before things start.

Dome of Protection Skill


Instead of creating a small shield as above, this skill allows him to create a large shield to protect and protect allies in any situation. Players who use this ability in the case of headshot will help teammates find a quick exit in Apex Legends.

It is worth noting that the protective dome does not exist forever, so make sure to choose the time to use it to promote its effectiveness. You can combine this skill of Gibraltar with other Legend’s abilities, such as Lifeline to heal allies in the enemy siege.

Defensive Bombardment

Gibraltar is capable of calling down a number of missiles from the sky thanks to the Ultimate activation. This function is quite similar to the Bangalore character but he can shoot an entire area when you throw grenades to fight rather than slowly.

When using this technique, you can see the “destructive” power of the “fool” Gilbraltar when can easily clean up a squad in a blink of an eye. This is a great way to use when your team is surrounded by enemies.

One of the best tactics is to place your shield in an enclosed area and toss the marker grenade right down to your feet. This will keep you safe while the ultimate is in progress. Meanwhile, the enemy can only choose one of the decisions: flee or run to the shield circle to give your team the opportunity to defeat him.

Note When Playing Gibraltar In Apex Legends

  • You can actively activate and turn off Gun Shield in case of blocking your sight.
  • Dome of Protection helps block all sorts of external damage including ultimate skills. But if you throw a landmine inside it’ll still be damaged as usual.
  • Dome of Protection skill is used to save teammates, revive teammates.
  • Defensive Bombardment has extremely large area damage.
  • Defensive Bombardment can deal damage to Gibraltar when used, so you need to be sure of the location when used.