July 27, 2021


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Apex Legends: How To Play Rampart For Newbies



Rampart is the latest Legend to be released in Apex Legends Season 6 – Boosted. She is a tank legend, capable of deploying an Amped Cover and a shotgun, in addition to her improved reloading and reloading capabilities. She is a great Legend with interesting gameplay. Here we will learn how to use her in Season 6 the most effectively.

Gameplay of Rampart


She is a Tank Legend that offers a combination of offensive and defensive gameplay. Typically, she is a Legend camper, deploying his Amp Cover to lay out a solid site. AMP Covers usually take about four seconds to deploy successfully. When they are built, they become solid walls that can withstand a lot of damage, along with an energy shield at the top, allowing the user to shoot through and absorb damage from the outside.

She will match AMP Covers with her ultimate – Sheila. Sheila is a giant turret, containing over 150 bullets with infinite ammo to recharge. The two results combine to create a static position capable of giving and enduring hell.

Finally, her passive Modded Loader means she has 15% more bullets per magazine and a faster reload speed on her minigun and LMG. Ideally, Rampart can become a Legend of Fire suppression from long range, or be able to close with the constant firepower of the LMG. With the changes in the recent patch, the cargo bots can drop gold Devotion, so she is suitable for potential superweapons.

Composition and Role of Rampart


First of all, let’s go over the tank components. Wattson is very important for double or triple tanks. She has a weakness in being thrown from grenades and other thrown objects. Throwing Gibraltar ult, Caustic ult, or grenade into her fortified area means she will be counterattacked.

Wattson’s end turns down the likes of these tossed objects if they are within range of her last item, so this is a great pair. Wattson’s electric fence combined with her AMP is a great combination. This is only done more reliably with Caustic in the comp. His gas canisters will make it even more difficult to push a solid position as possible, whether it’s indoors or outdoors.

On the other hand, Rampart works well with more Legends. Bloodhound’s recent buffs improve their tracking in the end. Pairing Bloodhound with Wraith allows both Legends to face the opposing side. With the Bloodhounds ultimate usually lasting longer in Season 6, this information passed to her means good communication is crucial to effectively leverage AMP Cover positioning.

Not to mention that she can safely advance with her Cover in this comp. Finally, a Rampart armed with LMG has strong firepower when pushing the enemy team due to passivity. She is quite flexible in terms of layout settings.

Some Tips when playing

There are a few tips and tricks players can use to get the best out of her kit. The first paragraph focuses on her AMP Cover Page. AMP Covers are very easy to destroy when deployed.

Players can place them vertically instead of horizontally, and stand at an angle to cover their deployment. Placing Cover open during deployment means they can be exploited much more easily by an adversary. Placing them vertically against cover in gunfights means she can setup much better in those incidents.

Another quick news is to replace the Cover that has destroyed the energy shield at the top. Rampart can pick them up and rearrange them, that is, they can continuously arrange fortifications. Just be careful only re-arrange them if they won’t be successful in the reconstruction.

Abuse of AMP Cover size. Placing them at doors, doors, corridors, and more will likely interfere with access to areas. This is especially the case if there are low ceilings, as players trying to jump walls will find it problematic to get past them properly, revealing both allies and enemies. So, organizing and skillful communication is the key to these situations.