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Apex Legends – How to play Wraith in Apex Legends



If the previous character classes of the Apex Legends game on PC are quite easy to conquer, Wraith seems to be “hard to make up” because this is a stealth class. To know more about her, let’s find out the article below!

Wraith in Apex Legends


She is equipped with the skills suitable for his sneaky gameplay such as being able to move through different dimensions, hide from enemies, and allow teammates to move through gates to reach different areas on the map. At the same time, you can take advantage of her feature to attack enemies.

Passive of Wraith

With passive, she will hear a warning about everything around as well as when enemies are nearby. Only she can speak with this voice but the information provided is limited. She only knew the enemy had discovered her but would not know where they were. Therefore, in areas suspected of having many troops stationed, turn on this mode to know when the enemy is near.

Into the Void – Q


This is one of Wraith ‘s strongest skills in Apex Legends on PC, it allows her to temporarily become invisible and immortal for 3 seconds. Moreover, she will move faster, waiting time for recovery is 19 seconds with a cooldown.

A limitation when using this ability is that she cannot be shot and the player cannot cancel it, so you should only use it in the most appropriate situation.

Dimensional Rift – Ultimate

Ultimate allows her to set teleportation ports to allow allies to travel, but the time limit for porting is limited to the yellow energy bar when cast. This is also when she can be attacked by enemies, so you need to be careful about where and when to set the gate.

Once the gate is prepared, she and her allies can go through but the opponent can also use it. A great technique is that you can use the port to wrap behind enemies or avoid damage.

To make the most of her moves, players need a good knowledge of the map to determine the best port placement. Also, put Wraith ‘s moves together, while setting the port, use Q to give yourself a few seconds to safely reach your destination.

Note when playing Wraith in Apex Legends

  • To really feel the Voices from the void, players ought to wear headphones.
  • Into the Void helps immortal for a little time, quickly running or circling behind enemies to attack.
  • During using Into the Void you cannot attack anyone.
  • Dimensional Rift might be placed before the energy runs out.
  • During the use of Dimensional Rift, you can not be attacked nor attacked anyone.