July 27, 2021


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Apex Legends: Summary of the Legend Wattson skillset



Characters appear for the first time in the game’s first video storyline; she is a creative doctor and a talented engineer. Wattson can create defensive electrical walls to control the area around him during combat.

Guide To Play Wattson

Her capabilities are all about electrification, creating an electrical barrier that protects any area you want. Whether you want to protect a home you are hiding, block enemies from entering a safe zone, or simply randomly place them as obstacles to hinder anyone from chasing you.

Tactics – Perimeter Security

  • Connecting columns creates an electrified barrier that deals damage and slows the target off.
  • One of her abilities allows you to place an electric fence as a defense on the map. You can place multiple columns around the area and they will form a solid fence. The maximum number can be placed down to 12 columns at once, your teammates can run through electricity and it will shut down shortly. If an enemy goes through the barrier, it will notify your entire team where the enemy is.

Ultimate – Interception Pylon

  • Place a tower with a defense system that kills any incoming rockets or grenades and have the ability to create Perimeter Security at a faster speed if you are close (Max: 3).
  • It shoots down incoming bombs, grenades, and arc-shaped stars, also charges your team’s shields. If Wattson was closer to the tower, it would give her Perimeter Security faster resilience and also allow faster fencing posts. The tower is a permanent pillar until it is destroyed, but you can only place it up to 3 times in a single match.

Passive – Spark Of Genius

  • Her passive ability allows Ability to recover faster, standing near Ultimate Interception Pylon Blocking Towers, increasing the ability to recharge Perimeter Security.
  • This is an interesting passive skill, whenever you use a consumable item to speed up your Ability regeneration items, you will instantly increase your ultimate ability. That means you can put multiple Block Towers around without having to worry too much about saving them.

More Tips For Using Wattson

  • Do not go with Lifeline because Ultimate Accelerant reduces the supply.
  • Pay attention to ping that is extremely important and helps Wattson warn you when someone goes over her electric fence.
  • Wattson is a supporting character when friends have good communication skills, unlike Lifeline, which is only suitable for teams of players that are surprised, little communication.
  • Although she is rated by the community as a passive way of playing, with the agility of the gamers, this problem is not too big with the following approach. In a post on Reddit, user “GamingBasicTV” pointed out that these electric traps can be set up behind closed doors.
  • This will optimize the success rate of electric traps because many players who are not careful will easily get trapped. And although this is not new information, for those who have not had time to experience Apex Legends, this is really remarkable.

Above is the article on how to play Wattson in Apex Legends, helping you to understand all the skills of the game’s 10th power user. To be effective, you need a lot of practice, any character has their own potentials, it matters whether you play well with your team play style or not.