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Apex Legends: The 3 best loot areas in World’s Edge

World's Edge

World's Edge

Here are 3 loot areas in World’s Edge that will help you get the best equipment and win Apex Legends.

Take the gun, loot, then kill and won the title of Champion of the Arena. That’s the task in every Apex game, but the first two steps aren’t always easy. This article will show you some of the best places to get great loot.

Mirave Voyage to Mining Pass – World’s Edge

World's Edge
  • Land – Mirage Voyage
  • Move – Mining Pass
  • Finishing – The Train Yard

Mirage Voyage appeared on Christmas last year. Even then, it quickly became one of the World’s best response points and the perfect starting point for a match.

There are 22 bins where you can loot, packed with guns and attachments scattered all over the place. Additionally, activate the cannonball to receive two more legendary Cargo Bots.

Finally, remember to open up the Cargot Bot hanging from the roof (disguised as a disco ball) – it has the ability to drop the vault key – then head east. Crossing the train line, you will reach many buildings in Hot Springs.

Loot counterclockwise here, and when you reach the third building, head to Ming Pass. There are three barrels on the road, as well as three more in the cellar, but you’re here because of Locked Vault.

If you have a vault key from the Mirage disco, or Cargo Bot, you can open the vault. To own armor items, helmets, and accessories – all epic, legendary, and up, you’re ready for The Train Yard.

This is the robbery step in the Mirage Voyage loot: pass The Train Yard. In the middle of the World’s Edge, there will usually be a team or two here. Take care of them and aim for victory from here.

Sniper Ridge to Drill Site or Skyhook

World's Edge
  • Land – Sniper Ridge
  • Move – Edge of the Skyhook
  • Finish – Drill Site

As one of the most densely populated and loot-filled locations, landing here isn’t really easy at all. But it bases on how you landing Skyhook: land on Sniper Ridge first.

The sniper tower has 5 loot chests, including the two above with the sniper gun in it. Here, players often find Triple Take, Longbow, and Sentinel, the same scopes and attachments.

Now that you have the gun, move to the twin building at the edge of Skyhook. In addition to the loot on each roof, we have three floors to loot ammunition, armor, and weapons to be ready for the final push – Skyhook.

Best decision here, especially if the ring is on the south side of the map, go to Drill Site. Although only mid-range loot, if you can catch a few opponents here, you can earn more loot.

To leave this area, enter the Drill Site’s Jump Tower and fly past the middle of the World’s Edge. While still in the sky, you can head to Train Yard, Lava Fissure, or Fragment West, with the best long-range guns and dozens of genuine loot.

Also, there’s another option, but it’s a lot riskier. Instead of going to Drill Site, you can join the fight in Skyhook. There are 26 loot boxes in total here, so this place is definitely worth your time – as long as you can survive it.

Refinery to The Epicenter – World’s Edge

World's Edge
  • Land – Refinery
  • Move – Survey Camp
  • Finish – The Epicenter

Leaving the western side of the map, where the top two loot areas are, is Refinery. As a popular landing spot, the huge building in the northeast has more than two dozen loot barrels, and plenty of houses outside – the perfect place to start.

Landing on the roof of Refinery, and pick up some weapons inside. Then go back to the two large chimneys, where there are plenty of bullets and loot on the floor, running north to reach the houses.

Loot in here, and continue to Survey Camp soon. There are many gun arsenal here, so check them out before entering the final area.

After obtaining guns, ammo, and some rare items, you will enter The Epicenter: The last place in this loot journey, to find the remains.

Chances are this place is already looted, but the furniture here is still plenty. In addition to the scattered guns and in the small room, the hills were also full of loot and gear boxes.

Fully equipped. From The Epicenter, you can either head into Fragment East and West – where World’s Edge ‘s deadliest shooters take place – or into The Train Yard, another favorite spot for every Apex gamer.