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Apex Legends: The creator of Pathfinder


Fight Night by Apex Legends sheds some light on the creator of Pathfinder

The most recent animated Apex Legends revealed some details of one of the most anticipated mysteries of the battle royale: the identity of the creator of Pathfinder. However, the answers come with a set of other questions.


In fight night, Respawn disclosed that among the creators of Pathfinder is “Dr. Amelie P.” and that he was developed for a particular purpose.” “Your existence is proof that the Outlands can survive,” she tells him, though one more story hook to explore in Apex lore is what that means.

The story of detective turned security guard Victor Maldera, who is obsessed with finding Alexander Nox, is told in this episode of Stories from the Outlands. 

After an incident at the restaurant they work at, Maldera interviews Pathfinder and encounters key evidence in the MRVN data bank: conclusive evidence that Alexander Nox escaped the Humbert Labs wreck, despite the coroner pronouncing him dead.

Dr. Amelie P – Pathfinder

However, a criminal syndicate is after Pathfinder, and Maldera and the robot must flee the pursuit. The two are trying to hijack a ship and Maldera wants to back up files with Pathfinder on Nox. However, the detective stumbles upon some information about the creator of Pathfinder.

The name of Dr. Amelie P was shown, who uses a French accent to speak. “We need you, Marvin. Your existence is evidence that the Outlands are capable of survival. [Inaudible] people must be told. You are a Pathfinder of ours. For a great purpose, we’ve made you.’ A number on the bottom of the screen reveals that the video is from 2658, a little over 70 years before the Apex events.


The film reveals that the creator of Pathfinder may be a group of people rather than a singular creator, based on the use of the plural by Dr. Amelie. The screen also mentions the “phase runner,” which can point towards the most recent map of Apex.

Apex Legends | Stories from the Outlands – “Fight Night”

This could imply that the creation of Pathfinder is linked to Olympus and the energy crisis faced by the city at the time, although Respawn did not share a conclusive answer in the lore. Olympus was a colony of scientists and bright minds, and it could probably be a group effort to create it if the purpose of Pathfinder is as significant as it seems.

Fans of Apex quickly came up with a prevalent theory about the identity of Dr. Amelie. She could be a relative of Wattson’s on the basis of the last name and the French accent, although she’s too old to be Wattson’s mother.

There’s still a mystery about the creator of Pathfinder, at least for now.  Respawn’s upcoming lore book, “Pathfinder’s Quest,” will share even more significant details about the creation of Pathfinder and deliver lore on some of the other legends, possibly revealing the theoretical connection of Dr. Amelie to Wattson.