July 31, 2021


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Apex Legends: The Tips & Tricks

Apex Legends

Apex Legends has suddenly become the main sensation of the Battle Royale genre. The developers of Respawn infused the game with significant unusual mechanics that even veterans of the genre would find unique. 

Apex Legends

The game itself is categorized into seasons, and it is particularly important to have time to pump the battle pass and earn a high place in the rating before the season is over.

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Which character should you pick?

Before we even begin to learn some tips and tricks for the Apex Legends, we have to choose a character. There are 15 characters in the game, and many professional players have already noticed that not all of them are balanced.

Some characters are used in any battle, whereas other legends are less important, but they have situational abilities that can often determine the outcome to your advantage.

Bloodhound, for example, sees through the smoke during his ultimate ability and can quickly deal with enemies under his ally’s smoke bomb. Lifeline is valued on its own because of the shield that appears during resurrection and healing speed.

So, what kind of character is stronger? The best character is only one that fits your style of play. If you like quick, mobile characters that can hide from the enemy team, we advise you to pay attention to Octane, Pathfinder, Wraith, or Mirage. 

As a supporting character or a tank, Gibraltar is perfect for this role—the legend covers its allies under a massive shield and is capable of causing a bombardment that causes very wide area damage. Caustic is the most divisive character. 

Nox Gas barrels do little damage and can be quickly destroyed. It’s a joy, though, to watch the enemy team die of poison in a locked room.

Move more wisely – Apex Legends

Learn to run with and without weapons will be another tip of the Apex legends. For example, the battle is in full swing; you need to be as mobile as you can and run fast. You can carry the weapon in your hand, as it can come in handy for a second. 

But if you’re going to have to run away from the place of the battle, you should stash your weapon here. Without guns, you run a lot faster, and the pace most often helps you to get away from the enemy alive.

Remember that even a small incline can be used for acceleration. Squat down when you’re running and start sliding: this gives you a major boost in speed, and it’s also going to be harder to reach you. The correspondingly big slope gives you even more speed. 

Don’t forget about this. It’s going to speed you up if you want to slip where you can. And learn to shoot when you’re sliding; this is going to come in handy.

Choose the Landing Site wisely

Apex Legends has two starting zones with an improved probability of dropping good loot—a random hot zone, illuminated with a blue glow, and a moving supply ship. 

The hardest fight will begin, so weigh the pros and the cons wisely. Inexperienced players should select more distant points; you should still be able to find good loot unless you leap straight into the field without looking for a single house.

The landing mechanism enables the team to split up until landing, so don’t land in the same house—there’s not enough weapons for all. At the same time, your character shouldn’t be too far away from the squad, so you won’t be shocked by the adjacent camp opponents.

 It’s easier to watch out for unwelcome visitors to get to the point. By the way, many new players neglect the tips of the Apex Legend and thus lose the strategic advantage over their enemies.

Climb the Walls – Apex Legends

Character mobility and advanced parkour system are some of the key features of the game. With Apex Legends, unlike Titanfall, there’s no wall running, but it’s possible to push the wall. 

As you jump onto the wall, look at it, and when the character touches the vertical surface, it stops for a split second.

At this stage, take a look in the right direction and tap the jump button again to push it off and keep moving. In other words, it may sound a little difficult, but with the proper skill, jumping from the wall can become the main saver of the Apex Legends trick, especially in battle.

Maps Understanding 

World’s Edge, Kings Canyon, and Olympus are maps that are available in season 7 for Apex Legends players. Fully understanding each map’s terrain can greatly increase your chances of winning.Make sure your team only takes advantage of the routes depending on their way to the next circle.

For eg, in the Kings Canyon, you can see that a different name has been given to 17 conditional points of interest. Both equipment and guns are generated randomly in each of them, but within a specified percentage of their individuality. 

The chance to acquire powerful cannons in one area is much higher than in another. Moving between them will force you to face your opponent with a very high probability.

So, at the point of the first displacement of the circle, you need to save the minimum loot to emerge victorious from the open clash.