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Apex Legends – Things You Should Know About Octane



Like other characters in Apex Legends, Octane ‘s ability is mobility. But his advantage isn’t just fast running or high jumping but also many more great advantages than that.

To help you understand this legend of Apex Legends, this article provides some tips to make the best use of his skills.

Who is Octane?


For Apex Legends fans who want to find out who Octane is, Respawn Entertainment shared this character’s biography.

Octavio Silva, or nicknamed ‘Octane’, is a “running record”, who lost his feet during an event. Now, using a pair of metal legs, he is looking for a new race, a chance to win the Kings Canyon, and to name the Apex Champion.

Skill of Octane

His skills ensure he survives in battle, with the Passive Ability named Swift Mend, constantly healing the character when it is not damaged. He can exchange his health to move 30% faster, continuing to spike the opponent in speed.

His Ultimate skill allows him to create a Launch Pad, which anyone can use. It can be used to move around the map easily or fly to higher terrain, creating advantages for yourself.

Swift Mend – Passive


When not losing blood, he restores blood over time.

Stim skill

Move 30% faster in 8 seconds. Cost 10% of blood. Immune to slow during activation.

Launch Pad – Ultimate

Create a pedal to jump into the air.

Which players do suit which with Octane in Apex Legends?

Octane is suitable for those who love action and fast movement. His Swift Mend helps you heal continuously without damage, allowing players to be more adventurous when approaching combat. You can exchange a bit of blood to move more, to chase opponents, or escape if things do not go as you like.

His Launch Pad is a great tool to move quickly into the ring, or into an opponent’s control area to take them down.