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Aragami 2 Guide – Beginner’s Tips You Need To know

Aragami 2

Aragami 2

Aragami 2 is a simple yet thrilling stealth game that allows the player to take the role of Aragami, a deadly undead assassin with supernatural powers. While the general premise of its predecessor remained the same, nearly every other aspect was developed. So even the most experienced players of the previous game have to adapt to the new features. 

Always Hide Bodies – Aragami 2

No matter what approach the player takes, whether it’s damaged or no damage, their attacks will always leave corpses behind. These bodies – whether alive or dead – would attract unwanted attention and potentially warn others of Aragami’s presence. So removing any trace of one’s existence is crucial when maintaining a low profile.

Players can use a variety of methods when disposing of bodies. The body can be moved to a secluded area, hidden in bushes, thrown into deep water, thrown off cliffs, and more. Simply moving the body to one side of the road is enough to maintain one’s cover.

Devise A Plan

Aragami 2

Being able to plan is an essential skill in any stealth game, especially Aragami 2. Enemies have the manpower and individual abilities to easily overwhelm careless players. What they lack, however, is the player’s ability to come up with a strategy ahead of time.

By scouting the area ahead and noting nearby enemies, the player can establish the best possible course of action. Doing so gives people a tactical advantage that allows them to effectively avert contingencies. While no plan is perfect, even the simplest strategies give players the edge against enemies.

Be Aware Of Surroundings

Aragami 2 features a variety of unique maps, each with their own distinct design, enemy composition, and challenges. These differences determine how one will maneuver across the maps and how to approach their quest. To effectively adapt to these variations, players should be carefully aware of their surroundings.

Keeping an eye on one’s immediate area brings innumerable benefits. Basically, players will be able to better understand the layout of the map and map out the paths to take. In addition, one can keep in mind nearby enemies to devise strategies to deal with or avoid them altogether.

Familiarize With Enemies

Aragami 2

There are three opposing factions in Aragami 2, each with its own unique units. The diversity between groups ensures that each group possesses distinct strengths and weaknesses for players to avoid or exploit. So, understanding the enemies one will face is an important step in overcoming them.

Therefore, spending time observing and studying the enemy is a strategy worth considering. Doing so will allow players to determine the best method to deal with them. Some enemies can be insignificant obstacles while others are threats that must be handled with extreme caution.

Eliminate Pressing Threats – Aragami 2

Aragami 2

Nearly every mission presents the player with a seemingly insurmountable number of enemies. Although it seems easier to deal with enemies when they appear, players should be cautious. Simply hacking and slashing enemies as they reveal themselves can lead to unpredictable complications.

Instead, players should carefully observe which enemies are near them. Doing so allows one to identify which enemies are the most pressing threats. Usually, the most threatening enemies include ranged attackers like the Scorcher or stealthy compromise enemies like the Necromancer.