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Arena Of Kings Guide – Useful Tips To Help Newbies

Arena Of Kings

Kings Arena is a very familiar feeling, and looking, game. In appearance, it resembles the Diablo games, especially Diablo 2. In terms of gameplay, it resembles World of Warcraft: Arena. Despite these similarities, Arena of Kings is its own game, and as such, it features strategies based on the game’s design.

Research The Classes


There are 10 classes to choose from when starting your character. Many of these classes will be familiar to gamers, such as Paladin, Ranger, and Wizard. However, many classes will be new, even to long-time players of traditional RPG.

Some of the more unorthodox classes available in Arena of Kings are nihilistic, scholarly, and lich. Get to know all possible classes before starting. More importantly, players should make sure they’re choosing a class that has the playstyle they want to use.

Pick A Suitable Character – Arena Of Kings

Arena Of Kings 2

Players can create a new character if they don’t like the person playing. They shouldn’t feel obligated to stick with a character if they’re not having fun. So if a player thinks paladins are a bit boring or weak in a fight and want something a little flashier, they can start a witch or lich character.

Just remember that all characters will have a break time where players will have to try out their spells or abilities and see what works and what doesn’t. Find something fun to play; This will certainly translate to a more effective character in arenas.

Always Have Healers – Arena Of Kings


Every single-player team fighting in the arena should have a healer of some sort – even a paladin will do. Meditation is helpful, but it’s no substitute for having a healer at the party. Having a healer greatly increases the chances that one team will emerge victorious on the other party.

Therefore, if the opposing team has a healer, they should be the target of the entire Party attack until the healer is defeated. There is nothing more frustrating than repeatedly sending an opponent to the door of death only to be opposed to the healer who gives them to battle health.

Party Creation – Arena Of Kings

Arena Of Kings 1

This entry goes hand in hand with the previous entry about healers, it is important to have a healer at the party. With “Quick Play” selected, players can invite friends or simply press the “Ready” button and let the computer assign random companions.

If a player doesn’t get a healer in their party, they should exit the party creation screen and try again. Don’t be afraid to keep trying until the computer assigns a party healer. This tactic is also useful to prevent parties from having too much magic – or not enough.

Trinkets & Meditation

Arena Of Kings

Beginners shouldn’t forget to use their jewels and meditate in Arena Of Kings. Valuable tools to help characters survive, and win in the arena. Trinkets provide assistance of several types, such as eliminating state diseases that affect movement. Keep in mind Trinkets has a cooldown.

Meditation is something players will want to learn to be safe. For Spellcasters, meditation restores a bit of mana. Non-Spellcasters have some lost health restored, learn when to use Trinkets and the Zen ability – Meditation, ideally done only when the other two party members don’t lose much health, and don’t have enemies actively pursuing.