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Arena of Valor – Arena of Valor Premier League 2020

Arena of Valor Premier League

Arena of Valor Premier League

The Arena of Valor Premier League 2020 is a Major Online championship collection, prepared with the aid of using Garena and Tencent. The collection created as an online-simplest following the state of affairs of COVID-19 in 2020. The collection is presently scheduled as an alternative for World Championship 2020 This article will show you the Arena of Valor Premier League 2020 prize pool, format, etc.

Arena of Valor Premier League


Group Stage – June 19th – July 12th, Online

  • 14 Teams split into two groups of 7 teams
  • Double Round-Robin
  • All the matches will be played in Bo2 (without Global Ban-Pick):
  • Winning 2-0 grants 3 points
  • Drawing 1-1 grants 1 point
  • Losing 0-2 grants 0 points
  • Top 4 teams of each group advance to Playoffs
  • Click here for information about Tie-Breaker Rules

Playoffs – July 18th – 26th, Online

  • Single-Elimination Bracket
  • All matches are played in Bo7 with Global Ban-Pick

Prize pool

$350,000 USD is split among the teams as seen below:

Place$ USDTeam
5th – 8th$10,000Talon Esports
Team Flash
Bazaar Gaming
Saigon Phantom
9th – 10thPOPS Bacon Time
11th – 12th  DG Esports
ONE Team
13th – 14thProject H

Arena of Valor Premier League 2020 Participants

14 teams participated in the Arena of Valor Premier League 2020: ONE Team, Hong Kong Attitude, MAD Team, Flash Wolves, Team Flash, Saigon Phantom, Project H, FAPtv, Buriram United Esports, Bazzar Gaming, Talon Esports, POPS Bacon Time, DG Esports, Team ELVO.

Arena of Valor Premier League 2020 standings

Group A

1.MAD Team7-5-019-5+1426p
2.Hong Kong Attitude6-5-117-7+1023p
3.Talon Esports5-4-314-10+419p
4.Saigon Phantom4-6-214-10+418p
5.POPS Bacon Time4-5-313-11+217p
6.DG Esports1-2-94-20-165p
7.Project H1-1-103-21-184p

Group B

1.Buriram United Esports9-2-120-4+1629p
2.Flash Wolves7-1-415-9+622p
3.Bazaar Gaming6-3-315-9+621p
4.Team Flash6-2-414-10+420p
6.ONE Team4-1-79-15-613p
7.Team ELVO0-1-111-23-221p