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Heroes of the Storm: Artanis Talent Build Guide


Artanis is an aggressive Bruiser, excelling in long-time fights thanks to his Shield of Overload and its related Talents which makes it difficult for him to be killed without using crowd control and burst damage.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Artanis



  • Phase Prism can be used in Blade Dash to teleport enemy Heroes
  • Shield Overload can make it harder for him to be killed using only sustained damage
  • Hero abilities with unlimited range, allowing him to contribute to team battles on the other side of the battlefield


  • Almost zero mobility
  • Weak to kite
  • Vulnerable to burst damage
  • Crowd control can prevent Artanis from using his Basic Attacks and/or Skills, preventing him from reducing his Shield Overload cooldown

Talent Build

Shield Overload Build

Amateur Opponent (lv1) – Reactive Parry, Shield Surge (lv4), Chrono Surge (lv7), Suppression Pulse (lv10), Phase Bulwark (lv130, Force of Will (lv16), Zealot Charge (lv20) – Orbital Bombardment – Plasma Burn.

His Shield Overload Build is designed to increase your survivability by powering Shield Overload as much as possible.

The combination of Phase Bulwark at Level 13 and Force of Will makes him extremely durable.

Blade Dash Build

Amateur Opponent (lv1) – Reactive Parry, Shield Surge (lv4), Solarite reaper (lv7), Suppression Pulse (lv10), Templar’s Zeal (lv13), Force of Will (lv16), Zealot Charge (lv20) – Orbital Bombardment – Plasma Burn.

His Blade Dash Build is designed to increase your survivability and help you deal with effects against your Basic Attacks by empowering Blade Dash.

The combination of Templar’s Passion at Level 13 and Will Force at Level 16 makes him more enduring.

Basic Attacks Build

Protector of Aiur (lv1), Shield Surge (lv4), Solarite reaper (lv7), Suppression Pulse (lv10) – Purifier Beam, Phase Bulwark (lv13), Blades of a Templar (lv16), Zealot Charge (lv20) – Orbital Bombardment

His Basic Attacks Build is designed to give you moderate survivability and damage, without being particularly good at any of them.

This is the only Build that allows you to choose Protector Of Aiur at Level 1 as it has a Level 7 Chrono Surge and a Blade of a Templar at Level 16 that increases your Attack Speed.

Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

Artanis pairs well with Healers who can provide constant healing (such as Malfurion) to gradually replenish Health for him while his own Shield makes sure he protects him. from burst damage, with Heroes able to control enemy Heroes to keep them at close melee range (e.g. Arthas with Root or even just Slow) or to stop them in place after finishing Successfully matching Blade Dash with Phase Prism (like Kael’thas with Gravity Lapse), and the Hero can minimize his lack of maneuverability (such as Zarya with Barrier Speed on Level 4).

Countered by:

He is counterattacked by Heroes who can Knockback him from Blade Dash animation (such as ETC with Face Melt), Hero can Root him or even just slow him (ex: Arthas and (Lunara respectively), Heroes can blind him (such as Johanna with Shield Glare), and Heroes can deal extra damage to Shields (Varian with Shattering Throw).

Maps of Artanis


Artanis is good on the Map, where he can get value from an Amateur Opponent of Level 1 for taking down a Big Monster at the Target (such as Immortal on the Eternal Battlefield) or for the Camp the mercenaries are strong (for example the Sentinel on the Hanamura Shrine) but he gets stuck on the Map where it’s important for the solo laner to have waveclear (such as the Towers of Doom).