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Artemis – The next Super AD of VCS Summer 2020

Artemis talent is not inferior to other gamers

Artemis always tries to overcome difficulties

Artemis is not a strange name for VCS fans. The AD carry of CES had 3 seasons in the highest tournament in Vietnam, but the mark of the 2001 student was not really bold until the VCS Summer 2020.


Since the beginning of his career as a professional League of Legends player, he has been with Sky Gaming Daklak during that time. SGD is promoted to VCS in the Spring 2019 season. This new recruit with Optimus locomotive really wants to become a force at VCS.

In order to do that, additional forces are required. SGD decided to recruit the most promising AD carry now, Slayer. This means that he will have to share his position or even give his position to his new teammate.

As soon as he arrived at SGD, Slayder automatically took an official place. SGD finished 3rd place in the spring of 2019 and SGD entered the tournament’s best team. As for him, he initially started out with Slayer. But when Slayer was in a stable form, he gradually played less or had to play as a top laner due to his ability to use Yasuo matured.

Until Team Flash acquired SGD’s position, he remained a substitute for Slayer. When the 2020 season kicked off, he decided to find his own challenge. CES became the next stop for the young ADC.

His CES despite having to play in the relegation round. But with a well-known team of players, they are still appreciated at the VCS Spring 2020. However, it is not easy for the team to be assessed with personal skills. highest at VCS.

They play well, always ready to roll strong recruits, but before the weak opponent, CES also easily shattered. 2 defeats to FTV and DNA was the turning point that made CES stop at 5th place with regrets. Artemis played not too badly throughout the season. He just could not find a common voice with RonOP as well as with that new teammate.


Optimus once said that he is an archer not inferior to Slayer. VETV commentators also said the same, it is not until VCS this summer. Fans will witness an authentic superstar AD carry.

CES entered the summer with a lot of skepticism when there was no change in personnel. Whether the stars of Shen Queong really joined together? With the breakthrough in gameplay, the progress of the players as well as a bit of spiritual strength. CES is staggering at the top of the rankings. After 6 games, Than Khuyen has not received a loss yet, they had an impressive performance before EVS last weekend. In those games, what he shows is perfect.

In 3 games Ezreal and 3 games with Aphelios, he showed his frightening proficiency. Before leading shooters like Slayder and Celebrity, Artemis did not appear to be losing whether he played Aphelios or Ezreal. Artemis’s stats as an archer are completely superior to all archers at VCS.

Over 6 games, he got a KDA 14.5, earning 484 gold per minute, dealing 823 damage, and contributing 39.1% of the team’s total damage. These are the figures that show the power of Artemis, he completely surpasses the other archers. The No. 2 in terms of damage is Bigkoro only 590 damage and with Slayder, this number only reaches 443. Remember that not all games CES overwhelms opponents, this number of 823 proves Artemis always finds a space to deal maximum damage to the opponent.

After a period of preparatory and frivolous competition, he finally showed everyone his strength. The road ahead is still long, but what Artemis shows so far can make fans fully confident. This will be the next great archer of VCS and CES that can become the next team competing for the championship of the tournament. Pushing the competitiveness of VCS to the maximum.