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Dota 2 Match Prediction: ASM Gambit vs T1, 27 March 2021

ASM Gambit vs T1

ASM Gambit vs T1

The much anticipated schedule has been released, ASM Gambit vs T1 match as part of the ONE Esports Singapore Major 2021. The match is a best-of-two format, which means a draw is possible.

Dota 2 Match Prediction

ASM Gambit arrived in full force in singapore

ASM.Gambit were at the bootcamp in Moscow and arrived in full force in Singapore, which is already a significant achievement for the team, because many teams will be replaced in the era of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Gambit has decided to play without “fn” and is attempting to play with No[O] ne; what happens next remains to be seen.

Team Drafts

– Troll Warlord is rated on carry, Oracle is on top five

– In hard on three: Brewmaster | Mars, on four Lion  |  Rubick

– Mid: Death Prophet

– Banned Often: Puck and Void Spirit

– Against ASM.Gambit bans: Keeper of the Light and Nature Prophet

T1 defeated EXTREMUM and NoTechies

T1 defeated EXTREMUM and NoTechies after outplaying NAVI on one map. The most basic match was against Team Spirit for 3-4 place, in which the Gambits prevailed with a 2: 1 score on the scoreboard. The team decided to change its roster at the end of the season, got rid of JaCkky and took the free 23savage, who managed to fill 12 thousand MMR.

They did not play a single match with 23savage, and their most recent official match was in replays against Neon Esports. T1 lost to the Neons and went to WildCard, despite being one step away from the group stage.

Team Drafts

– Carry: Monkey King, Terrorblade, Wraith King, top five: Disraptor, Ancient Apparation, Phoenix

– Hard on three: Bristleback, Venomancer, Legion Commander, on four: Phoenix, Lion

– Mid: Queen of Pain, Puck, Death Prophet

– T1 bans: Tusk, Pangolier, Troll Warlord

– Against T1 banned: Enigma and Beastmaster

Prediction for ASM Gambit vs T1 

ASM Gambit vs T1,  T1 will outplay ASM.Gambit. We know how CIS players endure long flights, so poor physical condition can have an impact on the game for Gambit. 

23savage did not appear in a single official game for T1, so it will be interesting to see how the team performs. 23savage is a good player. He is extremely motivated and will give his all, despite the fact that the contract with Vici Gaming was not signed due to COVID 19.

The odds on T1 winning is 3.54, on a draw are estimated at 1.93, and on ASM.Gambit winning is 3.24. I recommend that you take the chance and bet on T1 win – 3.54