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Dota 2 Match Prediction: ASM Gambit vs Vici Gaming, 27 march 2021

ASM Gambit vs Vici Gaming

ASM Gambit vs Vici Gaming

ASM Gambit vs Vici Gaming in the WildCard stage of the ONE Esports Singapore Major 2021. The CIS team’s chances are slim.

ASM Gambit strong side is in the mid lane

The strong side of the team is in the mid lane. No[O] ne, can affect the conditional Nigma or T1, it has no special chances against Vici. Vladimir fell to third place, lost a lot of experience, and it will be difficult to rebuild in order to compete with Ori. 

On the other hand, it’s frightening to think about what will happen there. Gambits will view the match against Vici as an opportunity for experience; they haven’t played together in a long time, and they have a young dream in their lineup.

Team Drafts

– Troll Warlord is rated on carry, Oracle is on top five

– In hard on three: Brewmaster | Mars, on four Lion | Rubick

– Mid: Death Prophet

– Banned Often: Puck and Void Spirit

– Against ASM.GMB bans: Keeper of the Light and Nature`s Prophet

Vici Gaming dominated the China division

Vici Gaming dominated the China division, defeating EHOME, Elephant, Team Aster, Team MagMa, and LBZS while losing to Invictus Gaming and PSG.LGD. The team plays extremely well and is a strong contender for the championship.

Team Drafts

– Carry: Phantom Lancer, Morphling, Wraith King, five: Phoenix, Grimstroke

– Hard for three: Pangolier, Batrider, for four: Earth Spirit, Rubick, Shadow Shaman

– Mid: Queen of Pain, Storm Spirit

– Vici Gaming is banned by: Puck, Alchemist

– Banned against Vici Gaming: Mars, Shadow Shaman, Pangolier

Prediction for ASM Gambit vs Vici Gaming

Poyoyo is a perfect fit for Vici Gaming, ASM Gambit will have obvious problems in all three lanes; it is difficult to imagine what a CIS team will be able to display and how to surprise.

Vici Gaming, in my opinion, are the main contenders for the championship and should easily defeat ASM Gambit with a 2: 0 score; if ASM Gambit wins a draw in this game, it can even be regarded as a sensation. I suggest that you place a bet on Vici Gaming without much risk.