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Astral Chain Guide – Tips And Tricks For New Players

Astral Chain

Astral Chain is one of the Switch’s best action games, allowing you to create impressive, stylish combos by fighting side-by-side with your humanoid Legion companions. But with so many combat options, not to mention tons of upgrade systems, hidden features, and tough bosses, Platinum Games’ sci-fi adventure can be overwhelming.

Sync Attack

Astral Chain

One of the most important techniques of the Astral Chain is the Sync Attack, which allows you and your Legion to deal massive damage as a unit. To trigger a Synchro Attack, just press ZL or ZR when your character flashes light blue – this usually happens at the end of an X-Baton combo, but you’ll also get a chance Synchronous attack after Perfect Dodge or Perfect Call if you have unlocked the right upgrades.

Sync Attacks can also give great health regeneration and attack bonuses if you have the right Legion skill gear. Be sure to experiment with different weapon and Legion combinations for different Synchronization Attacks!

Upgrade Legion – Astral Chain

The game doesn’t do a good job of explaining how to do this, but you should visit the Legions tab in the pause menu often. Here you will find a lot of important sub-menus.

Legion Learning is where you’ll level up each Legion’s skill tree using the Gene Codes you earn from each mission. You’ll want to use the Assign Skills menu to equip your Legion with up to two unique moves, and the Abilities screen to equip special skills that can be important during combat. The second menu is especially important.


Astral Chain

One of your most important tools in Astral Chain is the IRIS augmented reality interface, which you can activate by pressing the “+” button. IRIS is most useful for finding clues during investigations, but it can also be useful for finding hidden item boxes, red matter (for which you’ll get points for clearing), and dedicated obstacles for Legion will help you earn more items and points. IRIS is also useful during combat, as activating it will reveal the types of enemies as well as the health of the boss you are facing.

Organize items – Astral Chain

You’ll accumulate loads of health and combat items while playing the game, but the game doesn’t do a great job of displaying the most important things on your in-game item wheel. For easier access to the items, you want to use most, open the Items tab in the pause menu and select Subscriptions on whichever item you want in your item wheel. This way, that potion or grenade pack will be just a quick tap of the X button.

Claim rewards – Astral Chain

Astral Chain

You’ll get plenty of rewards for completing the Orders (aka achievements) included in the game’s Status menu, but annoyingly, you’ll have to claim those rewards manually. To do this, open the pause window, select Status, and then select Orders. You can click on the analog bar on the right to filter all your unclaimed rewards to the top, allowing you to collect the countless powerups, upgrade materials, and custom items that await you.