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Astralis vs Copenhagen Flames Prediction – PGL MAJOR – 10/26

Astralis vs Copenhagen Flames Prediction

Astralis vs Copenhagen Flames prediction on October 26, 2021. Both are teams with all members from Denmark. Perhaps the Copenhagen Flames players have taken the image of Astralis to aim for. At this point, they are facing the opportunity to defeat their own idol, the first thing to do is to ban/pick well.

Astralis Overview

Astralis vs Copenhagen Flames Prediction

In terms of level, of course, Astralis is still a bit better than Copenhagen Flames. But this match is holding many risks for the world No. 9 team. Remember this is a Bo1 bet that requires high concentration. Although Astralis did quite well with these bo1 bets at the last IEM Fall. That’s when they picked their forte map. Copenhagen Flames has a lot of maps in hand with a superior win rate. They can completely block Astralis with only bans/picks.

Copenhagen Flames Overview

Astralis vs Copenhagen Flames Prediction

This is the reason why analysts are worried about Astralis. They have almost only been practicing diamagnetic after the last IEM Fall. Meanwhile, Copenhagen Flames participated in many small tournaments to warm themselves up against PGL MAJOR. The statistics of the last 7 matches they won 5 victories, the remaining 2 were lost. Experts believe that the team ranked 14th. The world is ready to take down Astralis in this match.

Astralis vs Copenhagen Flames Prediction

It is almost certain that Copenhagen Flames will block the 3 maps where Astralis is strongest. This is Dust 2- Inferno- Nuke, to explain this, Dust 2 is the map against Copenhagen Flames that does not play well, and the remaining 2 maps because Astralis shot too hard at IEM Fall last.

That will put Astralis in a difficult position when they are forced to ban 2 of their opponent’s forte maps, which are also their forte, Mirage, and Vertigo. It means that Astralis must choose Overpass or Ancient as the map to confront Copenhagen Flames in this match. Sadly, these 2 maps Astralis both performed too badly. A total of 2 maps they played 6 times but only 2 wins were brought home, which means a 33% win rate. 

Astralis vs Copenhagen Flames Prediction

Meanwhile, Copenhagen Flames played a lot in these two maps. With Overpass being 13 times with a 77% win rate and Ancient even better with an 82% win rate with 22 matches here. Not only that, but Copenhagen Flames also has an extremely impressive trio of nicoodoz, roeJ, and jabbi. 

Astralis still seems to depend on Magisk as well as dupreeh as the team bearer. That inadvertently creates a weakness for the opponent to exploit, not only that, having to shoot at the opponent’s forte map is really a challenge that is not easier than the opponent is showing progress day by day.

Astralis vs Copenhagen Flames Bet Prediction

Astralis vs Copenhagen Flames total score prediction:

Game 1: Copenhagen Flames 1 – 0 Astralis

Total score 0-1 (Copenhagen Flames wins the handicap with 3.5 kills)

First 5 rounds:

Game 1: Copenhangen Flames

Total rounds:

Game 1: Astralis 12-16 Copenhagen Flames (Over)


Astralis: Xyp9x, Magisk, dupreeh, gla1ve, Lucky

Copenhagen Flames: HooXi, nicoodoz, jabbi, roeJ, Zyphon