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Astralis vs Vitality Prediction – ESL PRO LEAGUE – 08/19

Astralis vs Vitality prediction

Astralis vs Vitality prediction

Astralis vs Vitality prediction on August 19, 2021. With Vertigo being the strongest Vitality map with a high win rate, it wouldn’t be too surprising if Astralis were banned straight from this map. However, it will also open Overpass when the last 2 matches Vitality has won every time they are picked, which also means they have an advantage in game 2.

Astralis Overview

Astralis is the one to worry about in the next match when the opponent is Vitality. So remember they have played 3 matches in Group A and only brought back 2 victories. This makes the risk of not being able to continue is still when ENCE is rising strongly. Vitality has never been an easy opponent so this will be a tough match for gla1ve and teammates. Astralis has only Dust 2 left as the most likely choice but will likely be banned by the opponent. So they may choose Ancient to surprise Vitality.

Vitality Overview

Vitality is full of confidence in this confrontation, they won 2 full victories to temporarily rank 2nd on the rankings, just behind Heroic. However, the two opponents in the previous matches were completely names under Vitality. Astralis is a completely different challenge. In the last 8 times they met, Vitality lost 5 and only won 3 matches. Of course, with the house being highly appreciated when they are in extremely impressive form. However, analysts predict this is just a close victory for Vitality.

Astralis vs Vitality prediction

With the results of the ban/pick series on the two teams sharing one game each to win what the experts are predicting. Tt means entering the 3rd game to determine the winner. This is extremely reasonable if you look at the last 4 times the two teams met. Not only sharing 2 victories, but the results of those matches were 2-1. 

That shows that the strength of the two teams is not too different, even if they are too familiar with each other. There will be many situations of catching cards. In this 3rd game, Nuke will almost certainly be chosen by the two sides to determine the winner. When this map has the most balanced win rate between the two sides. 

However, with the unstable performance in the past time, it is hard to expect that Astralis will make a difference. Having an honorable win game is already too good for them. The 2-1 result in favor of Vitality is also said to be as reasonable as possible. It is completely accurate with the performance and head-to-head record of the two teams in the past time.

Astralis vs Vitality bet prediction

Astralis vs Vitality total score prediction:

  • Game 1: Astralis 1-0 Vitality
  • Game 2: Astralis 0-1 Vitalit
  • Game 2: Astralis 0-1 Vitality

Total Score 1-2 (Astralis win)

Handicap bet (Astralisis handicapped 1.5 )


First 5 Rounds win:

  • Game 1: Astralis
  • Game 2: Vitality
  • Game 3: Vitality

Total Round:

  • Game 1: Astralis 16-12 Vitality (Over)
  • Game 2: Astralis 8-16 Vitality (Under)
  • Game 3: Astralis 9-16 Vitality (Under)


Astralis: Bubzkji, Magisk, dupreeh, Xyp9x, gla1ve

Vitality: Kyojin,   ZywOo,  apEX, shox, misutaaa