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Atomicrops Guide – Tips And Tricks For Beginners


Prepare for the farming apocalypse. Farming is hard work at the best of times, but after the apocalypse, it’s even harder. Atomicrops is a rogue-lite Stardew Valley where the rewards of super GMO crops are offset by mutant plants and creatures that roam the waste and attack your farm at night. Increase your chances of surviving your first few seasons with our helpful guide, full of tips and tricks for farming and surviving in the process. Note that the game is currently in Early Access, so gameplay will likely change over time – we’ll try and update this guide as it becomes available. 

How To Make Money


You make money in Atomicrops by selling your harvested crops every morning when a helicopter comes to pick you up and take you to town.

There are several important steps you can take to increase your earnings. First, fertilize the soil your crops are grown in – fertilizer is a rosy resource dropped by enemies, and can also be used by tractors. Fertilizers increase the size of your crops, giving you more money on the sale. Each square of soil can be applied many times.

Another effective tactic is to plant a 2×2 square of the same seed. This plant can grow into a huge plant if you fertilize it and is worth more than four separate small crops put together. Finally, look out for wild bushes you can pick in the wild – these are easy bonuses.

Speak To The Mayor – Atomicrops

Each season is only a few days long, when you return to town after a season ends, you can reach a new area where you can talk to the town mayor. He’ll rate your mileage during that season and reward you with some well-deserved high-value items. A bridge repair department is usually one of them.

On that day, this shop also opens some side shops, such as where you can buy items in exchange for rose petals and another where you can buy tractors for cash. However, keep in mind that you may want to save those things to flirt with a potential partner.

How To Heal – Atomicrops


For healing, you can buy hearts from town using rose petals, and sometimes two romance characters will give you health, also in exchange for rose petals. If you’re lucky, some enemies will drop blood picks, as well as green chests. If you notice a drop in health during full health, you will begin to ‘grow’ an extra heart container. You can also boost your health even further with organic armor that grows back every day.

Explore The Map

While taking care of your farm is important, you should really spend more of your day exploring the wastelands to the North, East, South, and West of your farm. Here you can earn a variety of loot, from seeds and fertilizers to power-ups, tractors, and livestock.

The desert in the West and the forest in the East open up when starting to run, so you should start there. The desert is said to be the least dangerous of the two, so feel free to start with that.


To get to other areas, you have to repair the bridge connecting them with bridge repair materials, which is very expensive. Accessing the North and South regions costs one, while further expansion to the West or South costs two – so do this later.

Explore each area in Atomicrops methodically. If you’re starting with the West, tackle the top or bottom half in a day, visiting each camp in turn (more on those in a minute). This will take you a total of four days to fully explore the original East and West areas, by which point you’ll have completed spring and should have at least one set of bridge repairs.

A winter wasteland lies to the North, while a forest lies to the South. These levels are a bit larger than the other two, plus they’re definitely harder – you’ll need a well-upgraded weapon.