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B4B outfits guide – How To Change And Get Weapon Skins And Outfits

B4B outfits guide

The action of killing zombies is fun and all but players won’t be satisfied with that, players will want to kill in style. Back 4 Blood’s skins are unlockable by purchasing them via supply or unlocking them via Achievements. If you bought Back 4 Blood Ultimate Edition then you already have the Battle Hardened skin. In this B4B outfits guide, we will guide you to change and get weapon skins and outfits.

Get Weapon Skins – B4B outfits guide

B4B outfits guide

B4B outfits guideSupply Lines:

There are several ways to unlock new skins and cleansers in Back 4 Blood. One of these ways is to earn money by playing Supply Lines. The more you play the difficulty mode of the Road, the faster you can get through them. Supply Lines will cost you Supply Points on nodes, complete the unlocked ones to unlock more of them. Every time you complete each Bow, you’ll be rewarded with Clothes shards. Don’t expect to get a brand new character or any weapon skins in each bonus nor can you earn them instantly.

In-Game Challenges:

B4B outfits guide

Another way to get cosmetic rewards is to complete the in-game challenges. Each game has in-game challenges that require you to find a lost item within a certain time or complete a kill on a targeted enemy with a certain weapon, the same goes for with Back 4 Blood. It has Achievements where you can take in-game challenges to get cosmetic items.

If we consider a cleaner’s entire outfit, that takes some sweat. You have to complete about 250 missions with the person you want to get the skin for. This is a huge investment of time and effort, which Back 4 Blood requires, but in the end, it’s worth it.

B4B outfits guide – Pre Ordered Or Purchased The Bonuses:

The last method you can choose to obtain the skin is to Pre-Order or Buy the Ultimate Edition of Back 4 Blood, which will give you a 4-Character Hardening Skin Pack. This version will cost you $100 to get the Hard Character Pack for Mom, Walker, Holy, and Evangelio.

Get and Change Outfits

B4B outfits guide

Specific Skins for Cleaners are no joke either as you need to be able to complete a significant number of missions with the Cleaner of your choice, so choose carefully.

To change your Cleaner’s specific outfit, then simply open the Hub menu and go to your Cleaner tab. Select the Cleaner you want to change the outfit to. Outfit options are limited as these are specific sets that the game says you can’t edit in any way. The Item Set, on the other hand, is where you can change the look of their Head, Body, and Legs using the skins you’ve unlocked so far.

Through the B4B outfits guide, Now that you know how challenging the skins for Back 4 Blood can be, you better get ready for all the zombie killing you’ll have to go through.

Here’s the outfit you’ll unlock for 250 missions of all characters:

  • 250 Evangelo: Murder in the Dark 
  • 250 Walker: Trail of Blood 
  • 250 Holly: Plucky in Pink 
  • 250 Mom: Mother Earth 
  • 250 Doc: Clinical Killer 
  • 250 Hoffman: Prepper Blues 
  • 250 Jim: Backwoods Blaze 
  • 250 Karlee: Punk’s Not Dead