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Bandai Namco: New DLC For Dragon Ball Fighter Z

Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco as publisher of Dragon Ball FighterZ has now revealed a new DLC that will be coming for the game. In the DLC there are several non-canon characters who will be coming to the game next year.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is now a very popular game. The game received an award as the best fighting game at The Game Award 2018. Until now, Bandai Namco continues to provide new updates for the game.

Bandai Namco

┬áPresent Non-Canon Characters – Bandai Namco

As previously mentioned, the latest DLC for Dragon Ball FighterZ contains several non-canon characters. Currently, there are four names revealed, namely Kefla, Ultra Instinct Goku, Master Roshi, and Super Baby 2. For the last character, this is probably Gogeta.

Gogeta is a character who has entered Super Saiyan 4 form. The appearance of this character was revealed after the latest DLC trailer called FighterZ Pass 3 was released. At the end of the trailer, Gogeta is shown in an interesting teaser.

A little information, Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta is a combined form of Goku and Vegeta who are united. Gogeta’s designs weren’t made directly by Dragon Ball series creator Akira Toriyaman. On the other hand, Gogeta is a character created by Toei Animation, Katsuyoshi.

Bandai Namco

Even though it is only a non-canon character, Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta is currently still very popular among fans. The new DLC for Dragon Ball FighterZ has added depth to the characters in the game.

The strength of Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta is beyond doubt. The strength stored in him is enormous, especially since he is a descendant of the Saiyan race.

As for the release time of the new Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC, it will launch on January 15 next year. So you can try Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta along with four other characters next month.

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