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Smash Ultimate: Banjo and Kazooie Guide – Normal Moves, Spescial, Final Smash

Introducing these guys in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has made many players excited. Now, Banjo and Kazooie are proper members of the SSBU roster, so we can look at their fighting prowess in this guide. You will discover how to play with Banjo Kazooie Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

About Banjo and Kazooie

Banjo and Kazooie

Let’s start with a game story! After all, it’s one of the key features of the Super Smash Bros. franchise. – Every character has a great background. So, where did Banjo and Kazooie come from?

Banjo is a bear, and Kazooie is a bird stands on his shoulder. They are brave adventurers, always ready to fight evil.

Banjo and Kazooie – The first quest for these guys. They fight the sorceress Gruntilda and her horrible plans to steal the beauty of Tooty, Banjo’s sister. This game was released for the Nintendo 64 in 1998.

Banjo & Tooie – Gruntilda returns to life with the help of her sisters. But now she is a skeleton and plans to suck life energy from lots of innocent creatures. Banjo and Kazooie are here to save everyone! Gamers had this game in 2000 for the Nintendo 64.

Banjo & Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts – the head of Gruntilda returns to Spiral Mountain, Banjo-Kazooie’s hometown. She seeks revenge, but the Lord of the game decides to stop this conflict. He gives Gruntilda a new body and holds a contest for her and the heroes. The winner will be the ruler of that land. For the first time, a Banjo-Kazooie was released for a non-Nintendo console – for the Xbox 360 in 2008.

Banjo and Kazooie Moveset

Banjo and Kazooie
  • Neutral Attack – Claw Swipe
  • Jab Flurry Attack – Rat-a-tat Rap
  • Dash Attack – Forward Roll
  • Down Tilt Attack – Beak Barge
  • Up Smash Attack – Bill Drill
  • Side Smash Attack – Breegull Bash
  • Neutral Air Attack – Wing Whack
  • Back Air Attack – Rat-a-tat Rap
  • Down Air Attack – Beak Buster

Special moves

Neutral Special – Egg Firing

Their Neutral Special allows them to use Egg Firing to throw eggs at your opponent. However, by holding down B, you can free the Breegull Blaster, let Banjo use Kazooie as a gun, and move and shoot eggs at that point.

Side Special – Wonder Wing

Their Side Special is an invincible charging attack known as Wonder Wing, which will take priority over all attacks. This comes at a cost, as it can only be used five times per share – like the gold leaf symbol that appears when using the move. Note that you can still be blocked or caught using this move.

Up Special – Shock Spring Jump

Banjo and Kazooie up special is the Shock Spring Jump and allows them to create a springboard for jumping – and when used in certain situations, you can use the pad to hit other players. Unlike many other recoveries, you can still jump mid-air after using it, allowing you to use additional recoveries or dodge after special use. The more you charge, the higher you fly.

Down Special – Rear Egg

Their Down Special is Rear Egg, which shoots a grenade egg from behind Banjo. It can only be used to strike opponents behind you, and its shape allows it to bounce in a random trajectory. Even though it has a short detonation timer, it can still be grabbed and thrown like an item – and can be used for defense to keep someone flying or attacking when picked up to throw.

Final Smash: Mighty Jinjonator

Final Smash of Banjo and Kazooie was the mighty Jinjonator. Once used to take down Gruntilda, this attack will summon a large statue in front of Banjo when used, and any enemies hit by the statue’s attack will suffer the wrath of Jinjos and was launched into a devastating attack.