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Basic Darksiders Genesis Guide For Beginners

Darksiders Genesis Guide

Darksiders Genesis looks like a Diablo-style dungeon crawler, but it plays more like a Darksiders-style action game. If you’ve fought as a horseman before, this should feel familiar. The change in attitude is just the beginning. In Polygon’s Darksiders Genesis guide for beginners, we’ve gathered our best tips to help you, Strife, and War get better faster.

Use Strife And War Up Reasonable

Darksiders Genesis Guide

Darksiders Genesis features two playable characters – Strife and War – and they approach combat very differently. As we recommend in this Darksiders Genesis guide, play to their strengths, which you can infiltrate from their weapons.

Use Strife for ranged combat. Create space between Strife and the enemies by using Dash. Shoot guns from a distance. Strife can fight close, but that’s not his forte. Keep distance.

War plays out as he did in the original Darksiders: like a tank wielding a giant sword. Stay close to the enemy and swing your sword. War also deals with crowds much better than Strife, so if you’re surrounded by large groups of enemies, called War.

Use Execution More Often – Darksiders Genesis guide

The way you kill enemies affects the glowing orbs that fly out of the dead. This is how we decide between regular killing and execution.

When the enemy’s health is almost low, you can press B to perform an Execution, which looks cool, but also has two advantages: You are invincible in animation and Executions produce Health and Orbs of Wrath from enemies (and sometimes even Souls.)

The reverse is also true: Don’t do the Execution if you really want Souls (in blue), the currency of the Darksiders Genesis.

Explore Every Corner – Darksiders Genesis guide

Darksiders Genesis Guide

When you enter a new area for the first time, you will have access to a sparse map that grows as you explore. You won’t find any special features like treasure chest locations on the map unless and until you reach them (intentionally or not). Items like Mini Chests, Item Chests, Limbo Chests, and Summoning Stones are the easiest to find on your first trip – but you don’t have to rely solely on observation to get through a level.

Each level has a Treasure Map, a really important item to find hidden collectibles, hidden somewhere. Find it and you’ll add the locations of collectibles like the Boatman’s Coin and the Cheat Key to your map. (You can see the Treasure Map location on the first level, Disclaimer, above.) You’re free to explore before you find the map – and you really should, as you most likely will. like always finding something – but it’s easier to collect everything after you find the Treasure Map.

You can collect almost anything you find on your first ride through the first few levels. Some items are out of reach behind locked doors or later game upgrades to Strife and War. If you’re having trouble finding or reaching an item, consider returning once you have the right equipment.

Complete Side Missions

Darksiders Genesis Guide

In this Darksiders Genesis guide, Quests are one of the most profitable systems. Completing them will receive great gifts like hundreds of Souls or a pack of Boatman’s Coins.

You’ll find a comprehensive list of quests in the appropriately named Tasks button on the main menu.

Some tasks are broad. Take Mint I as an example. Find 50 Boatman’s Coins and you can get 1,000 Souls as a reward.

Other quests apply to specific missions and maps, and they also appear in the Side Quests menu on the left side of your map screen. In the game’s first mission, there is a side quest called Back to Work that says to “defeat the fleas that evade their mission in Dethroned.” If you find and kill them all, you’ll get some extra Creature Cores.

Look at the Side Quests menu as you enter a new level and commit to being a full-blown explorer.