July 30, 2021


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Basic Instructions For Beginners In Heroes Of Newerth

Heroes Of Newerth

Heroes Of Newerth

This guide will be generalized for those who have never played Dota to be familiar with Heroes Of Newerth.

Make a training room

Heroes Of Newerth

Ideally, when you first play, you should make a Practice room by yourself. But without knowing anything, just stabbing against other people, it’s easy to swear at the kids on the same team.

Click CreatGame and then select Practice in the Select Sever section. Below, choose ALL HERO (this is for picking Hero on both sides, if you don’t choose, you will only be able to pick heroes on your side)

Shop to buy items in Heroes Of Newerth

In this way, how to buy items is simpler than in Dota. Click on the shop to show up a table with 2 rows, 1 row on the right is for selling primary maps and on the left side is a shop selling luxury goods.

If in Dota, you will have to remember all the items in the shop to buy and then pair. But in Heroes Of Newerth, there is no need to that, you just need to identify the item to be on (the Hero guides guide how to build the item, according to that) then click through the high-end shop row, click, it will display a board Besides asking for many basic items, just click on and buy. Simple.

Test items and Heroes in Heroes Of Newerth

Heroes Of Newerth
  • Look in the right corner and you will see the TEST box
  • If not, click on MENU and then RETURN GAME will see.
  • In Dota to be able to change the shortcut will need soft support but in Heroes Of Newerth
  • It is available. You can change to suit yourself from skill shortcuts, item boxes, etc.
  • In the test panel there will be a few useful parts:
  • Level: If you want Hero to max level and skill, choose Max.
  • Give 15 000 gold: then give more money to be able to buy things.
  • Remove hero: Remove the hero you are playing to choose another Hero (help you continuously test Hero)
  • Creep: If you want to creep more, click on it, note that clicking just stopped takes time to hang up …

Lure creep in Heroes Of Newerth

Only applicable to BOT (faction) door and TOP (faction) door. This is a way to level up faster than the enemy that comes in the same door. One point to note when lure: Try to lure in the 2nd creep wave, this will help you easily in the future lure waves. Pay attention to the map to see if the enemy who comes with his door is in the lane? If you do not see it, you will immediately jump because they may be in the jungle to kill you, but there is a time when it is an opportunity for you to kill them if your teammates have buffalo skills. One more thing is not to lure when the enemy creeps are hitting the Tower, this will cause the Tower to break and worse.

Jungle creeps out once every 30 seconds (if there are no creeps standing there). So we can use this to make more jungle creeps, which is extremely beneficial for Legionnaire (the Axe in Dota).

Lane – Block creep – Last hit creeps – Deny creep – Drawing Arggo

Heroes Of Newerth


There are 3 lanes: Top – Mid – Bot

Block creeps:

Or also means blocking creeps. In Heroes Of Newerth this is much more difficult than Dota, there must be big ones to make it. This will help you slow the movement speed on your side, if at that time the enemy creeps are still moving at normal speed, the enemy creeps will come closer to your tower and be hit. As a result, we will be 1 level ahead of the opponent’s level.

Last hit creeps – Deny creeps

In short: Last hit creep is an art, the last hit is an artist. Last hit creeps will give you money, this will affect your gearing speed. With tournament battles, it will be extremely intense because the time is gold, and every 30 seconds there will be 1 creep wave, so make use of each creep. In addition to last hits, there are creeps denies, breaking creeps will help you slow down the enemy’s level and stop you from earning money.

Drawing Arggo

The way to do it is when the enemy creeps are near our side, you click and hit the enemy (but don’t run back to fight). Creep is programmed that if someone on your side gets hit by someone, you will override him, meaning that the creeps will run back to hit you.