April 14, 2021


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Mortal Kombat 11: Basic Tutorial for Playing Erron Black



In our detailed character analysis, we will look at the strengths and weaknesses of Erron Black for performing his combo moves and combining them in his game in Mortal Kombat 11.

Erron Black Strengths and Weaknesses


Everyone’s favorite gunman is back, this time with new tools under his belt. His approach this time is zoning and bullet-based.

His bear trap, shotgun pose, and acid bottle all make the enemy inevitable and make them think twice before approaching Erron Black.

This is where his main strength lies so for this purpose his Fatal Blow is also designed in this way. Multi-shot bullets are fired very quickly to trigger the remainder of the Fatal Blow cutscene.

His stellar long-range game meant he was a bit underdog in close-range melee.

Erron Black lacks the slot-punching tools in melee combat that most other characters have in the game. Plus, his mobility is not the best, so you will often have difficulty stepping back when you feel pressured.

If you find loopholes, a good attack chain is to use 1 and 2 that allows you to chain attacks and end up with an overhead or low slide.

His B + 2 was also a great streak that saw Erron Black repeatedly slam his pistol on an opponent before ending in a final hit or a slip for an unsafe mix in the block.

His large boot drops super fast and allows you to quickly cover the distance if you want to enter. If you do it twice in a row, the second drop of the boot becomes a crushing overhead attack.

Instead, you can also combine it with a low slide. His useful abilities include quick low-speed revolver firing and command fetching that involves multiple shots being fired.

The latter can be amplified to add TNT explosives to the mix to deal extra damage. There is also a Scud Shot which allows him to disable projectiles which are quite necessary for his game planning when facing a zoner opponent.

Acid Toss

Erron Black has a new move as he can throw an acid-filled bottle of Reptile at enemies from mid-range. While the enemy is in this puddle of acid, they continue to take damage for about 6 seconds.

You can also amplify your slide and cancel its animation into an acid hit.

This works well because you can throw the acid behind the enemy to prevent them from backing away. Alternatively, you can place the acid in front of you as a defense while you surround enemies.

This is especially useful at the end of the inning, where chip damage is a big factor. Therefore, Acid bottles can be used strategically.

Rifle Stance


Erron Black in a Lock and Load pose pulls out his rifle and begins to automatically walk towards the opponent.

You can cancel the movement animation by returning the gun or you can shoot up to 8 bullets at the enemy. These can be low or high shots, depending on your input. You can hit them up close with the weapon itself.

It should be noted that when the 8 laps in the clip are finished, you must reload them manually. You can choose to reload once, or a few or three, whatever suits the situation and the amount of time you have.

Since this has a substantial recovery framework, you need to stay far away from enemies in order to do so. Overall, this Rifle Stance is one of the more powerful zoning tools a character has.

Furthermore, the stance complements the acid splash as you can cause your enemies to limit their movement with the acid puddles, at the same time, start firing to keep the pressure.

Fatal Blow of Erron Black

The “Ghost Koins” Fatal Blow is activated with L2 + R2 while you are at a specific HP and if you have not used it before in battle. It does about 35 damage and is a high attack. It carries a set of armor.