April 19, 2021


Game CMD 368

Mortal Kombat 11: Basic Tutorial for Playing Joker



Batman villain returns with another Netherealm fighting game, this time rooted in the mythical world of Mortal Kombat. The fan-favorite villain gives the game unique and extremely fun gameplay. This character is not only beautifully animated but also full of personality and charm that some might say is lacking in the Mortal Kombat series. From his truly brutal Fatal Blow to throwing burnt money at his opponent, this incarnation of Joker is the embodiment of the chaotic nature of the comic book character like no other.

Standard Special Moves of Joker


He possesses a rich arsenal of special weapons. Regardless of which variation you play, it’s important to understand the basic special moves and their general functionality.

The first move at his discretion is a special shot for his Batman doll. Acting as it sounds, the pulls out and shoots a shot from the mouth of a Batman hand puppet.

In terms of the projectile, it’s nothing special, it’s relatively fast and gives the Joker a good zoning game. When raised, this move will cover a large amount of screen space as it shoots a zigzag cannon-style projectile down from the top of the screen while always moving towards your enemy. This allows him to dominate the screen space for the price of one square meter.

His second special move is “Bird Boy Beatdown”, a move back from the Injustice franchise. This attack is a special attack from above that forces your opponent to stand to block it. It adds another layer to his matching game while providing a good matching finish. This move also has a powerful Krushing Blow that requires the Joker to take it down three strings in a single match. This forces your opponent to respect Bird Boy Beatdown and could allow them to open his low-hit chains.

First Variation of Joker

The variant of “Clown Prince” by the Joker for players who like away style. It gives him some extremely powerful zoning options and makes him a hard-to-reach character.

This variation enhances his Batman puppet special moves. Turn his action hugging the puppet into a powerful blow. This gives him a new level of defense and makes jumping on the clown a more intimidating act than before.

Along with this attack, the Joker also has the ability to cancel his shot. This may seem like a small addition, but it does allow players to mingle their zoning efforts. This can result in an enemy jumping on him, who cancels his shot and gets hit by a non-powerful counter. It also gives him a very intimidating mixed presence as he can cancel his shot and apply pressure to attack.

The final weapon added to this variant was his low-range hit shots. This attack is very straight forward, it allows him to shoot three low-range shots along the length of the arena. This attack deals massive damage if all four hits are linked together and it even deals a substantial amount of chip damage to the enemy.

Second Variation

His “Ace of Knaves” variant emphasizes his style of trapping. Its power lies in its ability to set up special powerful traps intended to disappoint the opponent and make them make mistakes.

He has access to the exceptionally powerful “jack in the box”. The first one is he against the ability to walk forward while spinning the box. As silly as this move looks it gives insane advantage on the block. Allows the Joker to maintain his attacking presence and set his traps.

This variation offers another shot in the box that focuses on special moves to launch his head at your opponent. This action can be aimed at short, medium, or long-range projectiles. When raised, it allows the head to continue bouncing towards your opponent.

Along with his other special move, a slip-in on the box bomb, this offers players a strong set play style. As you can use his advanced head special moves to allow you to time special bomb slides resulting in a powerful blast or simply a large amount of chip damage.

Third Variation


His final variation is the “Mad Man” style of play. His particular version is rooted in its strength of high damage combos rather than zoning or gameplay settings.

Joker loses specifically Bird Boy Beatdown to his powerful boxing glove-focused attack. This move has a wide range and can be used to suppress any enemy. However, this move is a high hit and can be killed if used this way. Its real strength lies in the ability to initiate combos for him.

When boosted, this move allows for a powerful launchpad that can be followed for high-damage juggles. Even though you lose the aerial mixed potential, the damage these boxing gloves do is pretty ludicrous.