April 18, 2021


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Mortal Kombat 11: Basic Tutorial for Playing Nightwolf



Nightwolf is available to players who own the Kombat Pack. If not, everyone will be able to buy and play as the fan-favorite character on August 20, 2019. The introduction of a new character meant there was a host of deaths and New terrible brutality to learn. This tutorial will explain how to perform all Mortal Kombat 11 Nightwolf finishing moves with ease.

Nightwolf Combos Tutorial

  • Ancestral Rites – D-pad L + Square – X – Triangle
  • Lie in Wait – Press Triangle 3 times
  • Bull and Bear  – D-pad R + Triangle – Square – O
  • Deadly Talon – X – Square – Triangle
  • Deadly Dance – D-pad R + Square – Triangle – Square – Triangle
  • Spirit Arrow – D-pad L – D-pad R – Square
  • Reflector – D-pad D – D-pad – Square
  • Rising Tomahawk – D-pad D, D-pad R, Triangle
  • Tomahawk Swing – D-pad D – D-pad L – D-pad Ri – X
  • Rhino Charge – D-pad L – D-pad R – O
  • Violent Divide – D-pad R + Triangle – Square – Triangle – Square
  • Wing Clipper – D-pad L + X – O – D-pad D + O
  • Fatal Blow – L2 + R2

Fatalities of Nightwolf

Nightwolf’s first death was called War Ritual. This is the scene where Nightwolf grabs his tomahawk, swings it right into his opponent’s jaws, continues to grab them with the said jaws, and pulls down to magically open his opponent’s entire chest. He then throws the tomahawk straight at his opponent’s heart, slicing it in half. This is also deadly with its prompt button available right out of the gate. Here is a prompt for mortality:

War Ritual: F, B, F, B, 2 (Close)

All you need to do to make this fatality happen is to move Nightwolf closer to your opponent. Once he’s in place, enter the death element above at a pretty quick pace and watch the bloody ending man in all its glory. If you’re having trouble typing reminders, try typing buttons a bit slower. Sometimes, walking fast can cause you to inadvertently add unnecessary movement.

The second fatality of Nightwolf was called Komo-tose. When done, Nightwolf will snap the opponent’s neck with their head behind, then swing his tomahawk upwards and shoot him into the air. Nightwolf then captured them overhead, summoning a bear spirit named Komo, who tore his opponent in half. Here is the prompt button for this fatality:

Komo-tose: D, D, D, 3 (Close)


Similar to War Ritual, you need to perform the above button prompt action near the opponent. This fatalities prompt was not available in the first place. You will get this fatality after doing the other in an online or offline match as is the case with Shang Tsung. After doing it, the node input will remain in your inventory.

The fatalities in Mortal Kombat 11 are quite tolerant of how you time the input nodes, so Nightwolf’s deaths aren’t too hard to make. If you have trouble, you can obtain Easy Fatality Tokens from the game’s premium store using the Time Krystals currency. Here are the button inputs for both Nightwolf fatalities if you have the Easy Death Token:

  • War Ritual: Hold RT or R2 (platform dependent), 4 (Close)
  • Komo-tose: Hold RT or R2 (platform dependent), 3 (Close)

This will be different if you block on another button.