April 14, 2021


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Mortal Kombat 11: Basic Tutorial for Playing Sheeva



Sheeva is the new character in Mortal Kombat 11 added by Aftermath DLC. You can unlock her in Chapter 14 Guardian for Life. She has a heavy body and four arms. This makes her a bit sluggish compared to characters like Nightwolf or Baraka. Her punches are so strong, the opponent can be pushed back or off the ground if you can strike at the right time. Also, get ready to get hit because she is a bit slow. It’s best to only do combo punches when she can unleash a series of four punches after one another. This will definitely throw anyone off the ground.

Sheeva Combos Tutorial

  • Deadly Kautan – Square – Triangle – Square
  • Slam Dance – Triangle – Square – Square
  • Draco’s Guidance – D-pad R + O, O.
  • Outworld Warrior – D-pad L + Square, Triangle, Triangle.
  • Heir to the Throne – D-pad L + Triangle, Square, Square, Triangle.
  • Queen of the Shokan – D-pad L + Square, Triangle, Triangle, Square.
  • Shokan Flame – D-pad L, D-pad R, Square.
  • Untamed Fury  – D-pad L, D-pad R, O.
  • Dragon Charge – D-pad L, D-pad R, X.
  • Goddess of Destruction – D-pad R + O, O, X.
  • Tremor – D-pad Down, D-pad L, X.
  • Queens Punishment – D-pad D, D-pad L, O.
  • Away, Queens Punishment – D-pad D, D-pad L, O, D-pad L.
  • Dragon Drop – D-pad D, D-pad U.

Her aerial attack is easy to counterattack, and it’s best to avoid jumping. Instead, she focuses more on punches and kicks and some elemental powers where she can strike opponents with a fireball. Her counter-attacks to cancel an incoming attack aren’t too great, Sheeva can be thrown off the ground with ease if the enemy has good movement speed and control. It’s best to stick to punches and kicks, and when the opportunity arises, press L2 + R2 to perform Fatal Blow.

Sheeva Finishers — Fatalities

Like every character in Mortal Kombat 11, Sheeva has two standard Fatalities; one of the prompt buttons will be unlocked when you buy Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath, the other can be unlocked in Towers of Time. You can also unlock it if you know what the prompt button is or by using the Easy Fatality token.

The first Fatality, which button prompts to unlock when you unlock her, is called Stomp the Yard. This is the scene where she tore the skin off her opponent’s arms, jumped into the air, and stomped on them until their bodies exploded from the impact.

To commit Stomp the Yard Fatality, you must get close to your stunned opponent. I usually just walk in their direction until her body touches the opponent’s body. Then you just need to press down three times then press an input, and it does the Fatality. That’s one of the simpler Fatality to perform in Mortal Kombat 11.

Stomp the Yard: D, D, D, 1 (Close)

The second Fatality Sheeva is known as the Spinal Tap. Again, you can only unlock the button reminder by using the Easy Fatality token or by typing the below button reminder.

In this Fatality, she grabbed her opponent with their feet and began slapping their heads to the ground. At one point, their jaws popped out of their faces, and the opponent seemed to be choking on blood. She then placed their heads on the ground, placed their feet on their heads to hold them in place, and pulled up, removing their heads and spine from their bodies.

To perform this Fatality, you will have to re-within close range. However, this time you will press forward, down, down, forward, four, and death will begin. This input is slightly harder than the last one, but not too hard to implement.

Spinal Tap: F, D, D, F, 4 (Close)


Mortal Kombat 11: The aftermath sees the return of those who end friendship finishers. Instead of killing your opponent with some terrible coup or torture, you do something nice or goofy like RoboCop’s robot dance friendship finisher. her friendship is called Krystal Clear. In this ending, she put some crystal cups and played a beautiful tune.

In order to end your friendship finishers, you need to put Sheeva in the middle of your opponent. Usually, I go back and take a few more steps. When you go into the mid-range, you enter forward, backward, down, down, one and you should start the goofy sequence.