April 19, 2021


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Mortal Kombat 11: Basic Tutorial for Playing Sindel



The coquettish empress of misery, Sindel, is the latest addition to Mortal Kombat’s 11 rosters. Veteran fans of the series are already familiar with her, and newcomers will also have a chance to get to know her. Either way, her latest version has a few surprises for everyone, and this character Gameplay and Fatality tutorial goes through them one by one.

Sindel Gameplay and Fatality


Fatalities of Sindel

To begin with, we have to talk about her Fatalities – what would a Mortal Kombat game look like without deaths?

Sindel, like every other character, has 2 different Fatalities. One has to be done from mid-range (at least 2 moves away from the enemy) and the second must be done as close to the enemy as possible (actually touching them).

Fatality (Near-Range): This Fatality involves her using his sentient hair to hold an opponent’s wrist and pull them towards him.

With her banshee scream, she tore the skin from your face, dividing the body (body separated from everything below the waist); topped all of this with a final scream that rips apart the rest.

To perform this critical Fatality, you must do the following when near an enemy: Down, Down, Forward + [Circle / B / 4]

Fatality (Mid-range): More frightening of the two deaths, this is basically Sindel tying hair to the victim’s mouth. Hair travels all over the body, comes out of various parts, works its own way, breaking things down until it wraps itself around every corner of the poor victim; and then she pulled until his body was completely torn.

To perform this critical Fatality, you must perform the following actions after 2 steps back away from the opponent: Back, Forward, Back + [Square / X / 1]

Signature Moves

  • Scream: Enhanced version of Banshee Scream, which can stun enemies for longer duration and longer range. By amplifying this movement, you can increase the distance of the scream. If you want to cancel a move, one bar of the Defense Clock must be sacrificed.
  • Presence of Regal: Sindel can fly through the air. In MK11, she has something called an Enhanced Regal Presence – once she starts to fly, she can perform a follow-up attack; It will take 2 skill slots.
  • Star Screamer: She will shoot a purple fireball at the enemy. In MK11, she can shoot a lower version of it while bent over.
  • Mane Squeeze: You pull your opponent’s hair towards you before kicking them away. Amplifying his moves so that she smashes enemies to the ground before throwing them away.
  • Hair Kut: She uses his hair to cut his opponent’s hair. By amplifying her move, she performs a top to the next; This requires 2 slots of capacity.
  • Banshee Dash: Launches a Banshee in mid-air to hit opponents. Amplified the attack to teleport her to Banshee’s position for a double combo.
  • Whip and Flip: Jumping forward, Sindel grabs the opponent’s hair and smashes them to the ground.
  • Royal Trap: Creates a purple orb in mid-air to fire a projectile when enemies are near it. This ability cannot work if Bellowing Banshee or Deadly Echo is also equipped.
  • Deadly Echo: Used in mid-air, she yelled to push himself forward. Cannot function if Bellowing Banshee or Royal Trap is equipped.
  • Banshee: Sindel throws 3 Star Screamers down in mid-air. Amplifies attacks to send opponents into the air, creating opportunities to perform combos. Cannot function if Royal Trap or Deadly Echo is equipped.