April 19, 2021


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Mortal Kombat 11: Basic Tutorial for Playing Skarlet



Skarlet is relatively new to the series compared to some of the major movies, but she’s still memorable. Everything about her is focused on blood and you will find out that her The Dead also has too much blood in nature.

Skarlet Strengths & Weaknesses



She is a zoning character with a twist: She’s more effective at mid-range than super far away from opponents. Despite her incredible ranged attacks, with a whip and a Blood Tentacle, she also has some very strong close range combo sequences. So you want close enough that your opponent can jump in and start punching. Keep about one jump forward away from your enemies for maximum effect.


Skarlet pays for those powerful combos. Her most dangerous chains are unsafe on the block. That means, if you don’t hit your opponent, they can counterattack and “punish” you with ease. That requires you to “hit confirm” (basically decide whether to end a combo or undo and reposition yourself) often. This makes her a more complex character in Mortal Kombat 11 than it originally looks.

Combo Starters

Her primary combo starter is her 2, 1, 2 string. 2, 1, 2 is a long-range attack that will cause the opponent to launch a combination attack. It is important to be able to confirm this string because it is insecure when blocked. This is done by using only the full chain if it hits and stops the short thread after the first two hits if the thread is blocked. 2, 1 is completely safe, leaving Skarlet at -5 on the block. Be careful when using this rope as the first hit is high and can be dodged if the opponent is rushing down.

Combo Enders

The usual way to finish combos with her is to use Blood Tentacles (Down + Return + 4). This will cause the opponent to switch to full-screen mode, where she can start zoning. Alternatively, combos can be terminated with Bloodshot (Back + Forward + 2) and Amplified, which will restore her health.

While this will sacrifice damage, it can be helpful with less health remaining. In the corner, combos can be terminated with Blood Trail (Down + Back + 3) and Amplifying it, which will cause the opponent to heal and leave her at +19 when hit. In her Blood Drive variant, she can restore opponents easily with Cell Siphon (Back + Forward + 4), leaving her at + 4 when hit.

When Amplified, Cell Siphon regenerates her health. In her Hemorrhage variant, combos can be ended with Boiling Point (Back + Forward + 4) for maximum damage, or Red Mist (Down + Back + 4) to restore opponents. Red Mist will leave a +7 Skarlet when hit and deal damage over time.

Skarlet Fatality 1: Bloody Mess


Bloody Mess is a mid-range Fatality. In fact, both her Fatalities fall into this range. You do this by pressing Forward, Back, Down, and Front Kick.

This fatality also actually lives up to its name. The Bloody Mess begins with her magically sucking the blood of her opponent (through his mouth and eyeballs of course) and turning them into bloody clots. She then used them to stab a poor, bloodless enemy. However, she is still unfinished. She used an ice cube to pierce her opponent’s skull and pierce it, splitting the eyeball while we were there.

Skarlet Fatality 2: Heart Kondition

Heart Kondition is also a mid-range Fatality. You need to know your distance from her! This is done with the following combination: Down, Forward, Back, and then Back Punch (Triangle on PS4, Y on Xbox One, X on Switch).

You can guess what happened in Heart Kondition and it is likely that you will not be far from the truth. Skarlet drew… something. Anyway, she pulled them out and pierced her opponent’s body, filling their hearts with blood until the unhappy partner’s organs and chest exploded.